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What to do with leftover lamb?

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Upon leaving a friend's Greek Easter party this past Sunday, we were given some leftover lamb on the bone to take home. Since we're a little tired of having plain (we ate a LOT of it during the party), I was wondering what I could do with what we have to give it a new life. I'd hate to let it go bad for lack of ideas.

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  1. Lamb sandwiches (rye or rustic sourdough, w/mustard, kraut, and/or garlicky greens). Shepard's pie, perhaps? Lamb ragu?

    Try the home cooking board, if this doesn't get moved.

      1. I did this with leftover lamb after this years Easter. Make a garlicky yogurt sauce with Greek yogurt, lemon juice and some finely grated peel along with minced garlic, salt and pepper plus a hint of toasted cumin and some minced fresh mint. Slice lamb and gently warm (5 to 10 seconds in the microwave). Crumble some feta and thinly slice some red onion (I re-purposed the baked, caramelized red onion I used in the lamb roast) and place inside a pita round along with some chopped leftover grape tomatoes. Lather with the yogurt spread and enjoy a lovely lunch or light supper.

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          A nice Indian curry. Curry. Did you hear me say curry? Lol! I never have leftover lamb to play with, so have to purposely buy lamb to make myself a nice lamb curry. I envy you your leftovers.

        2. Moussaka!!

          Classic. WE actually cook & save extra lamb shoulder and/or leg so we have some left for making Moussaka.

          1. I second emannths idea for Shepard's pie,

            If I want something simple, I'll just use it instead of beef to make a cheater version of stroganoff or a hamburger casserole dish.

            1. When I have leftover lamb, I make curry.

              1. Last week, I made Shepherd's Pie.

                Other times, I have been known to make a lamb stew with root vegetables -- sometimes I add Guinness for an Irish twist, other times it's red wine and tomato paste (and relevant herbs) to send it through Provence.

                Leftover lamb isn't ever an issue at our house, either.