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Apr 17, 2012 09:48 AM

College Graduation Party venue in North Jersey

My daughter is graduating college and we're looking for a place to have a party - more like a restaurant rather than a catering venue, or something that smacks a little of both. We can't go too high-end, but want it to be nice, and fun, too, not just a dinner. We're open to dinner or brunch, a place that has music would be nice (but we can't hire someone). We were looking at Lighthouse on the Hudson in Piermont NY, as we had been there before and it was nice enough with a great view, but I've heard the food has gone down a bit and also it was a little less exciting than I'd like.

Any suggestions? Bergen County and outlying areas or a little bit south (maybe Hudson or Essex counties, plus Passaic county) is ok, as some family will be driving up from Brick. I'm really open to anywhere, if it's the right place. I was even thinking hibachi? Somewhere with Karaoke? I don't know . . . something fun for a 21 year old and family and some of her friends without being too cheesy.

Thanks so much!!!

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  1. From my limited time (recently) in Bergen County, the Crows Nest in Hackensack or Picnic in Fair Lawn may be what you're looking for. Both have web sites.

      1. peachmarie, if you have the outdoor space for the party to come to your place, you might consider the Nomad pizza truck. We've had the truck at our place a few times over the years and attended several truck parties and it's a blast!