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Apr 17, 2012 09:29 AM

How to keep plastic wrap off of cake frosting?

I'm going to make some sheet cakes in half-sheet pans. Need a good tip how to keep the wrap up off of the frosting. I thought about those little doohickeys the pizza places use to keep the box from collapsing onto the pizza. Of course, I never saved any. Anyone got any ideas or a better idea what to call the doohickeys in case I could order them from Amazon?

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  1. Toothpicks inserted into the cake will keep the plastic wrap away from the frosting and will not leave a large hole in the frosting. I have also used bamboo skewers in some cases.

    Editted to add - please ensure you remove all toothpicks before serving - let's just say lesson learned!

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      My Mama always used toothpicks with mini marshmallows on top. I guess the marshmallows kept the toothpicks from poking holes in the plastic wrap.

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          Or use raisins and marshmallows together and then when you take them out of the cake you can serve them as little dessert-bite appetizers! lol :)

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          I used spaghetti noodles before I bought a cake caddy

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            Well, I loved the idea with marshmallows and/or raisins, but I had neither. So I used toothpicks with elbow macaroni on top. It worked great, but don't eat it as an appetizer! lol

          2. Some party stores and restaurant suppliers have disposable half-sheet cake pans with lids which I consider a godsend when I need to bake, cover and transport. Or you can order them online:


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              Men's shirt boxes always work for me. Department stores wrapping center.

            2. Toothpicks work, but my favorite method is to simply chill the cake uncovered for an hour until the frosting hardens, then put the plastic on.

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                "my favorite method is to simply chill the cake uncovered for an hour until the frosting hardens, then put the plastic on."

                That's a great trick if you are keeping the cake covered and refrigerated until use. But if the OP has to travel somewhere (not sure if this is true or not) and uncover the cake after it has come to room temperature, it can get a bit messy. No?

              2. Toothpicks or small skewers will do the job you need. You can tent the plastic wrap over them and your cake will come out just fine, if with a few extra pinholes in it.

                1. Thank you for asking this question! Frosting peeling off a wrapped cake drives me bonkers. I'm going to use the mentioned toothpick/marshmallow solution. And thanks for using the word doohickey. Too funny.