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Apr 17, 2012 07:28 AM

Thoughts on Blue Ribbon in the Cosmo?

Hi all,

I am starting to make reservations for my May 27-30 trip. So far, definites are Sage and American Fish for dinner; Bouchon and Verandah for brunch. I need one more dinner and was thinking of Blue Ribbon in the Cosmo, but I haven't seen much talk about it on these boards. Anyone have any opinions?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I have to say that your picks of Sage, Bouchon, and Verandah (don't get the buffet) are all great. I am torn about American Fish because there are better seafood restaurants in town and was not all that impressed with the food.

    The one time I went to Blue Ribbon I had the fried chicken (it was recommended to me) and it was great. That is all I really know is that the fried chicken is delicious many of the other offerings are very expensive. My humble suggestion would be to go there and get the fried chicken or just skip Japanese/Sushi altogether because it is a weak point of the city.

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      Thanks for the input, A5! I am actually not married to American Fish as I've never been there (been to Sage and Bouchon and itching to go back so those two are keepers). But I'm definitely open to suggestions -- what is your top seafood pick?

      I think I'll probably end up skipping Blue Ribbon (though the fried chicken sounds delicious). Scarpetta is in the running, but I feel like its almost a waste of a Vegas restaurant since we have one in NY.


      1. re: kmbeer

        I'm always surprised that there is so little written about RM here, especially the more formal upstairs room. I've eaten downstairs and wasn't wowed, but the menu upstairs is presumably more ambitious. I usually go to Lotus of Siam and Raku for my seafood fix. I agree with A5 that it probably doesn't make sense to go to Blue Ribbon if you live in NYC.

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          Sounds like Blue Ribbon is out, but just in case: avoid the sushi bar portion of the restaurant. It lacks atmosphere, and the prices are very high for good-but-not-great sushi.

          With respect to Dave F's mention of RM Upstairs, I've only been there once, but was very impressed: inventive, tasty cooking.

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            Michael Mina is a great seafood restaurant which is like the top of the chain when it comes to Michael Mina who also owns American Fish. I absolutely love the Lobster Pot Pie and the Black Cod. A bit more formal and pricier, but the food is on another level.

            A more casual place that I think is vastly underrated is Estiatorio Milos in the Cosmo. The seafood is great but there is a location in NYC. Great Mediterranean seafood, they have a great deal for lunch as well if you can fit it in (3 courses for $20.12).

            1. re: A5 KOBE

              Thanks for all the recommendations -- very much appreciated. I made reservations and the dining itinerary looks as follows:

              - Sunday: Dinner at RM Upstairs;
              - Monday: Breakfast at Bouchon, Dinner at Michael Mina;
              - Tuesday: Breakfast at Verandah; Dinner at Sage.

              I'm also looking for a place for lunch to hit on Sunday afternoon after we land. It will just be me and my boyfriend and we both love beer, so I was thinking of Todd English's P.U.B or Holsteins in the Cosmo....

              Also just came across Public House in the Venetian, which looks to have an awesome beer list.


              1. re: kmbeer

                sounds like a great trip. try the lobster pot pie at michael mina, and the chocolate dessert. i've been to PUB and holsteins. both are good, but i personally liked holsteins better. the chinese mexican place at cosmo is very good. also good is first bar at venetian. and if you love guiness, ri ra at mandalay. btw, the beer at sage is great, and the sommelier will "pair" your food with beer upon request.

                1. re: raider

                  Thanks, raider! Didn't know that I could do a beer pairing at Sage. Will definitely try that out!

        2. If you want to stick inside the Cosmo scarpetta is good, so is comme ca. We also loved Jaleo and if you want to splurge "e" inside Jaleo is some of the most fun you will ever have eating! Twist in MO is really good also.

          1. Thanks, everyone, for all the input! Very much appreciated. I think you guys have talked me out of American Fish and have me leaning more toward RM Seafood. The RM Seafood menu looks great -- has anyone done the tasting menu there?

            DYING to try e but we will be in Vegas this time with my parents and they are of the "I'll have the roast chicken" variety so e wouldn't really be their bag. (Or maybe this is what I tell myself because I don't think my bank account could take the hit that e would produce!)

            I'm being annoying now -- what are everyone's thoughts on Fiamma?

            Thanks again!

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              fiamma, meh. but the shrimp and grits at american fish is fabulous. why not bartolotta for seafood?