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Apr 17, 2012 07:21 AM

breadcrumbs and the secret to a great criisp crust ?

Was making some croquettes and i wanted a nice crispy crust.. Picked up some bread crumbs from the bakery from their leftover bread which was pretty well ground.

Did the usual.. flour.. egg bread crumbs.. let sit for alittle bit.

I got a mediocre crispy crust.. but i think i can get a better one..

So whats the science behind bread crumbs? Certain breads get better results? Should they not be so finely ground?

Should i just go for Panko or can i create my own ?


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  1. I go with panko. Have never had the crunch with anything else (except for pretzel coated chicken).

    1. I sometimes use rice flour (cornstarch dip/egg dip/rice flour dip) instead of bread crumbs and, for a change, it's produces a nice crisp layer without the density that often occurs when using bread crumbs.

      1. First, good thing you got the BC from where you did. Have had the "blue cardboard can" type and although handy, they can be grainy and too heavily herbed for some dishes. From Cook's Illustrated: Fresh Toasted: Our favorite crumb gave macaroni and cheese a “nice and crunchy” topping and yielded breaded chicken cutlets with “great crunch” and “nice flavor.”Panko: These large, flaky crumbs are perfect when you want big crunch. Tasters touted their “crispy” texture on chicken cutlets but dismissed the meatloaf as “pasty” and “gummy.”
        So from a source with some street cred, I'd say that all else being equal, large crumbs and fresh toasted seem to make a difference. I've also seen SOME recipes where a double dip makes a big difference, too.