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Apr 17, 2012 06:33 AM

Awesome pizza at non-Italian, non-pizza places

Had the cotechino pizza at the bar at Russell House Tavern last night and as usual it was great: good sausage & ricotta and a nice crisp crust. What other places have a good pizza that wouldn't fall into the usual pizza place or Italian restaruant? I also really enjoy the pepperoni pizza with the everything crust (like the bagel) at Local 149 in South Boston.

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    1. Lobster Pizza at Scampo and Towne
      Also - very creative lobster pizza at Market

      1. I thought the pizza at Area Four was pretty good. I had the clam and bacon pie which came out piping hot and had a good, charred, chewy crust. I liked this better than the clam pie at Coppa which is the only other place I've tried this in Boston. The overall structure of the pizza here is similar to RHT, and I did like the RHT one as well.

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          +1 on Area Four. We've had a bunch of their pizzas, and love them all.

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            Agreed. Pizza at Area Four is very good.

        2. Not technically pizza (rather flatbread and flammekueche, respectively), the mushroom flatbread with herbed ricotta at Garden at the Cellar is really good, as is the tarte flambee at Sandrine's. They used to have other flatbreads at Garden, but only the mushroom one--the best one, I think--survived the change in chef a while back. I've only had the mushroom gratinee one (caramelized onions, mushrooms, swiss cheese, bacon) minus the bacon at Sandrine's, but they also have an artichoke one. They make a good Sidecar there, too. I haven't tried the other cocktails. It's a nice place to sit at the (small) bar, especially when the floor-to-ceiling windows are flung open in warm weather.

          1. To this fine list, let me add Trade and its "flatbreads".

            I'm surprised there's been no mention of South Shore bar pies: where's Marc H?