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Apr 17, 2012 06:08 AM

Best Fried Chicken [Santa Rosa]

Recently I went to a new Restaurant in the North Bay called Sweet "T"s.This place makes Southern Cooking,that is worth the drive if you are going North. They make Catfish Po Boys,but the fried chicken is fabulous crispy on the outside,and moist on the inside,there friendly wait staff,and the owner is from South Carolina,so all there menu is really good. They are located in Santa Rosa Ca. on Parker Hill Road,and Fountaingrove. Sooptonuts

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  1. Interesting. The chef's from Memphis but they call it lowcountry.

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      Sweet T's took over Santi's space and the opening chef was from Santi. There was lots of advance press coverage of him visiting the South and learning to barbecue. It was a much anticipated opening. But soon he was out of a job and the current chef, a friend of the owners, was brought in from Memphis to make their low country favorites and introduce a Southern menu with wider appeal.