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Apr 17, 2012 05:53 AM

Downtown Minneapolis No Carb meals

All I can think of is salad bowl at Chipotle and Kebob plate at Greek Grill. Any other ideas? Anything in the food truck world?

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  1. fogo de chao is great for low carbing. All you can eat salad and a variety of meat.

    Also consider Oceanaire for lunch or happy hour from 4-7, they have mussels, steak bites, ahi tuna, calamari, oysters all for $8 each. Their lunch salads are great and around 10-15. And of course dinner is great there as well.

    1. I was going to post a link to this thread,, but that was yours too. Probably not much new in the last 3 weeks. I sure wish there were more meat + veggie options in both downtowns.

      ETA: Oh, wow, just read about this new low-carb food truck -- licensed only in St. Paul at the moment. Looks like the owner is a former dietician from Nutritional Weight & Wellness.

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        I created this new thread with a more specific subject title.

      2. Chili at the Loon
        Glueks has a sausage plate
        Mission has a daily omelette

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          For others interested...I discovered Good to Go in the skyway will do a salad with an option to add a kabob protein like lamb, beef, pork,etc.

        2. Maybe a lobster roll from the Smack Shack truck, without the buttered roll? That lobster is so delicious on its own . . . . Also, the Turkey to Go skyway location does salads that feature their delicious turkey (but I don't think the truck does salads).

          1. Good To Go has nice soups, salads, and you can get grilled meat kabobs (including lamb) to put on top of the salads.

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