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Downtown Minneapolis No Carb meals

All I can think of is salad bowl at Chipotle and Kebob plate at Greek Grill. Any other ideas? Anything in the food truck world?

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  1. fogo de chao is great for low carbing. All you can eat salad and a variety of meat.

    Also consider Oceanaire for lunch or happy hour from 4-7, they have mussels, steak bites, ahi tuna, calamari, oysters all for $8 each. Their lunch salads are great and around 10-15. And of course dinner is great there as well.

    1. I was going to post a link to this thread, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/840188, but that was yours too. Probably not much new in the last 3 weeks. I sure wish there were more meat + veggie options in both downtowns.

      ETA: Oh, wow, just read about this new low-carb food truck http://www.sassyspoontruck.com/about/ -- licensed only in St. Paul at the moment. Looks like the owner is a former dietician from Nutritional Weight & Wellness.

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        I created this new thread with a more specific subject title.

      2. Chili at the Loon
        Glueks has a sausage plate
        Mission has a daily omelette

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          For others interested...I discovered Good to Go in the skyway will do a salad with an option to add a kabob protein like lamb, beef, pork,etc.

        2. Maybe a lobster roll from the Smack Shack truck, without the buttered roll? That lobster is so delicious on its own . . . . Also, the Turkey to Go skyway location does salads that feature their delicious turkey (but I don't think the truck does salads).

          1. Good To Go has nice soups, salads, and you can get grilled meat kabobs (including lamb) to put on top of the salads.

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            1. If you have the money, Manny's! Big steak with asparagus, blue cheese dressing on salad.

              1. Anywhere. There are not many places that dont have options. Steak houses obviously, or seafood (oceanaire). Salad often has lots of carbs, so for no carbs you keep with protein.

                Even mcdonalds you can remove the bun from the burger, no ketchup and stack the beef, bacon and cheese high. (not the most nutritious however). Subway, eat some chicken breasts with cheese and bacon dipped in ranch.

                Buffalo wings, omelets, burgers, roast chicken, sushi, etc. Possibilities are endless. Once you start thinking like a low-carb- it becomes second nature. Just be careful about things that have been marinated or things with sauces (kebabs, chinese) they often have hidden carbs in the form of sugar or corn starch.