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Painted Burro - amazing last eve!

Swankalicious Apr 17, 2012 05:48 AM

Well, it's been known to happen on occasion: Swankalicious rushed to judgment. After a disappointing opening-night meal at Painted Burro, I risked a return engagement. And I was rewarded for my open-mindedness with creamy, spicy guacamole; a delicious hibiscus margarita (well-mixed, unlike the noxious concoction I ordered on opening night); succulent shisito peppers; and hefty fish tacos. Also sampled a shrimp taco, which was divine. My sole complaint: The noise level is Miami-club decibels. CRANK DOWN THE OOMPA OOMPA OOMF club beat and let people converse!

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  1. Boston_Otter RE: Swankalicious Apr 17, 2012 08:49 AM

    I've been twice and had fantastic food both times -- the chicharrones, the shichito peppers, the new elotes corn, and the shrimp tacos are all well worth trying. My second visit was after 9pm on a Saturday, and oddly, my hibiscus margarita (which was delicious on my first visit) was nearly undrinkably strong and tasted awful. And yes, the music and bar were so loud in there that my DC's and I gave up on conversation apart from an occasional shouted TRY THE CORN or HOW'S YOUR TACO? Even our server had to write down our order and show it to us rather than read it back -- she couldn't hear us and we couldn't hear her.

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