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Apr 17, 2012 04:27 AM

Storing Glazed Baked Goods

I'm planning on making both glazed lemon muffins and lemon cookies (glaze is powdered sugar based) to bring to a potluck tomorrow. Is it best to glaze the next day or should I glaze tonight and leave muffins/cookies uncovered so the glaze will harden without the baked goods becoming soggy?

I've been leaving my muffins uncovered as the Florida humidity makes them soggy as soon as they are stored regardless if they were allowed to cool overnight. However, i never have tried a glaze on muffins before. Cookies are always fine to store a few hours after baking but Ive also never glazed them.

Any helpful suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!

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  1. Since you said that you are leaving your baked goods uncovered, I'd recommend glazing sooner to prevent they from drying out on the inside, and the top will have time to harden. Because once you put the glaze on and cover it, it tends to stick.

    So if storing them in an air sealed container, wait to glaze until a few hours before, and let harder, if you are leaving uncovered the whole time, glaze earlier?

    But I'd also like to add, that I live way up north, so I have no idea how humid it is in Florida. If I don't cover my muffins, they turn into rocks.

    1. I vote for glazing the day-of. An ordinary glaze will harden up only so much in high humidity to begin with, and my experience with FL humidity says it'll turn to goo that starts to melt into the muffins if you do it the day before -- sugar is great at sucking moisture out of the air.

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        Agree with MikeG. Either way, I suggest refrigerating them (in a covered container) once glazed, for as long as possible. The transmogrification to goo is inhibited by cold.

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          Are they rock hard after refrigeration? Ive frozen them before but I reheat in the oven, never have tried the fridge for overnight storage.

          1. re: Lorry13

            No, they are not hard (unless made with virgin coconut oil). Just let them sit at room temp for an hour or so before serving if chilled sweets bother you. Do not heat them - the glaze will melt and seep in. Remember, with any wrapped baked goods, not to unwrap them while still cold. You want the condensation on the OUTSIDE of the wrapping, not on the surface of the baked good.

      2. rather than fridge, i'd FREEZE them overnight. let them thaw slightly, not completely, glaze, and let continue to thaw.

        1. Please don't put your muffins in the fridge! I learned years ago working at a bakery that it pulls a lot of moisture out of baked goods. And I'd glaze day of.