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Apr 17, 2012 03:54 AM

Joe Beef Reservations?

I'm looking into a Joe Beef reservation for a future trip to Montreal. Each time I have visited the Joe Beef website the Open Table link says "This Restaurant Is Offline Temporarily. Please Check Back." Is there currently something going on with reservations for this restaurant, or is there something I don't know about trying to get a reservation there? Thanks.

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  1. Just tried Open Table, they do not list the restaurant in their database (when I type the name in the text field); and there is no reference to Open Table on joe beef's webbie.

    You just have to call (or maybe email).

    FYI, JB is one of the hottest table in the city right now...


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    1. re: Maximilien

      Strange, I reserved not too long ago using Open Table. Liverpool House still seems to be on Open Table and is a good alternative next door (same kitchen but more casual though easily as expensive).

    2. Thanks for your replies. I wondered if they had stopped taking reservations because of how popular they are right now. It is odd though because there is still a link to Open Table from the Joe Beef website: it just gives the Temporarily Offline message as above. The phone it is I guess.

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        I would just check back later on opentable, the temporarily offline thing is really just that.. they aren't connected to the server or whatever temporarily. I was on a few times this week changing my summer reservations etc

      2. I made a reservation at Joe Beef recently and it seems that Open Table is not available for the restaurant when the restaurant is closed (Sunday and Mondays). It is open today now (today, Tuesday) so you should be able to make a reservation.

        Also you should book waaaaaay in advance. I booked a table for a Saturday, and even one month ahead the only spot available was for 9:30 pm. When I looked into weekday reservations, however, they were more flexible.

        1. Does anyone know if you can try for Joe Beef reservations by phone or do they insist you use Open Table?

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          1. re: unlaced

            opentable is much easier, you can also call but they don't always pick up the phone... The best time to call is days they are open after 2pm

            1. re: j_do

              I just watched a video on You Tube of David McMillan and honestly, the guy comes across as such an A*hole.

              I loved my one and only visit to Joe Beef but after listening to him yak I'm really not sure I'd want to give him my business. It seems like his success has really gotten to his head and the way he talks about his customers is disgusting.

              1. re: millygirl

                It's not the success going to his head.

                1. re: SnackHappy

                  What do you mean by "its not the success going to his head"?

                  I'm just bringing this thread back up as I had a very enjoyable dinner at Liverpool this past weekend.

                2. re: millygirl

                  lol... he's always been like that...and yes that restaurant is definitely not for everyone

                  1. re: j_do

                    I am with Millygirl...even in his cookbook McMillan comes across a real tool. He needs to learn a bit of humility.
                    I've been to Joe Beef and was not impressed - it's just a poor imitation of Pied de Cochon. Not worth the wait....soooo many better places to eat in Montreal!