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Apr 16, 2012 10:53 PM

Good Mexican near Phoenix

My husband and I will be attending a baby shower on Cinco de Mayo in Glendale. We are from Flagstaff and not familiar with the Valley and we want to find a good Mexican place to have dinner. We don't want to drive more then twenty minutes from Glendale and we want a place that is not a chain with good margaritas. Any ideas?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Here are some options that are on or just outside the boundary of your 20-minute limit, in order of their distance from northwest Glendale:

      Sierra Bonita Grill (SE corner of 7th Street* and Glendale Ave; more Southwestern than straight-up Mexican, extensive bar with many margarita options and variants).

      Los Taquitos (NW corner of 16th Street* and Glendale Ave; somewhat limited menu).

      Gallo Blanco (4th Avenue* @ Clarendon, in the Clarendon Hotel).

      Comedor Guadalajara (Central Avenue, just north of I-17; decent Sonoran-style food, but I can't speak to the quality of the margaritas).

      Restaurants in the Richardson Browne empire (Rokerij, Richardson's, Dick's Hideaway) at or near the intersection of 16th Street* and Bethany Home Road are also within or just outside of your search radius. Their food is what I would consider to be Southwestern with a heavy New Mexico influence.

      If you're willing to forgo the margaritas, Tacos Atoyac on Glendale Ave, just east of 19th Avenue is a nearby option worthy of consideration.

      *Note that numbered Avenues are west of Central Avenue, and numbered Streets are east of Central Avenue.

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        Tacos Atoyac is spectacular. It's a place you would never go without a recommendation. But once you enter, you'll know it's going to be good. Pollo Mole if they have it as a special. Closer to Glendale is Los Reyes de la Torta on Indian School. Los Taquitos is very good. Consider Barrio Cafe on 16th St. Not that far by freeway and one of the best upscale Mexican restaurants in the country. Estilo DF or food in the style of Distrito Federale (Mexico City). Don't expect chips on the table.

        1. re: Poerz

          All good.

          I didn't know there was a location of Los Reyes de la Torta on Indian School.

      2. Although I have never been, I would expect a festive Cinco de Mayo at La Perla. I wouldn't expect top-notch food, but, above average.

        I don't expect a lot of replies to this post. There is not a lot of participation from the West Valley.

        Google Maps now shows city boundaries. If you look at "Glendale AZ", you'll see how oddly shaped it is, and what borders it. It might be a good idea to let us know a major intersection near where you're staying.

        1. I would recommend Comedor Guadalajara downtown. You can hop on the 17 and be there in no time. It's in a slightly sketchy part of town, but the food is stellar. Get the chili verde!

          1. Thank you for all the feedback. The expecting mother suggested Popos on 59th street. Any thoughts?

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              Looks like it's on 59th Avenue. No experience with either of their locations, however.

              1. re: hohokam

                we have lunch there once in a while as it close to my office. it's quite good, straight up Sonoran food, with good chimis, taco, etc. chips are free and plentiful,little sports lounge in the front. it's solid, family fare, if not overly inventive. good red sauce! also in this category is Ajo Al's and Macayo all right along Bell. All of them are good, but Al's has the better Rita's.
                Personally, i'd go to Richardson's as suggested above. it's a cut above.

              2. re: peacehopekarma

                Used to love Popo's, but haven't been there for years