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Apr 16, 2012 09:35 PM

Places to shop for Malaysian ingredients in Chinatown

Hi everyone...i just moved to New York less than 2 weeks and would like to know best places in Chinatown where i can shop for Malaysian ingredients whenever im craving for my mother's home cooked meals like Nasi Lemak, Briyani, Rendang, Sambal Tumis and many more...any suggestions? especially from fellow malaysians who have lived here and know the way to find good malaysian cooking ingredients? Thanks in advance.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. To my knowledge, there is no specifically Malaysian grocery store in Manhattan. You can try Bangkok Grocery on Mosco near Mulberry, and you may also have some luck at the store on the west side of Mulberry between Bayard and Canal (sorry, I don't remember its name, but it carries ingredients from various Southeast Asian countries including Malaysia, last I checked). If you want good basmati rice and Indian spices for your biryani, go to Dual on 1st Av. between 5th and 6th. I'm well aware that it isn't in Chinatown, but it's no more than a 20-minute walk away, and you can buy good ingredients in bulk there. They also have fresh curry leaves and such. I'd seriously recommend that you visit all three stores and look through their inventory.

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        The store you're thinking of on Mulberry is Asia Market. I'd also recommend a trip to Hong Kong Supermarket which has a selection of sambals, belacan and spice pastes, although not sambal tumis specifically. There is a Thai and Indonesian grocery store on Bayard just West of Asia Market that might also be a good resource.

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          Udom's, the shop on Bayard, closed late last year.

      2. You might also try Tan Tin Hung on Bowery a few blocks north of Canal. It skews Vietnamese, but has a good selection of applicable ingredients.

        1. I am in despair because the little store on Bayard between Mulberry and Mott seems to have bitten the dust. They always had fresh lime leaves, kha (galingale), a good selection of sambals (some truly dynamite extra hot sambal belachan) and many other Southeast Asian ingredients. I am at a loss where to go now. So I need help, too.

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            Thanks guys for all the info. I truly appreciate it. Looks like there are quite a number of places i can check out. Hopefully they have all the ingredients i needed to make a delicious Malaysian meal...if not close the one i had at New Malaysia Restaurant ( Their New York take on Msian food much better than California Version..Its sucks).

            To Swannee, thats bad if this store that you mentioned does not stock up lime leaves, galangal and sambal belachan. Thats one of the important ingredients in our msian cooking. well i guess worse comes to worst maybe we can rely on online asian supermarket or ask our beloved family back home to Fedex some of the ingredients (it aint cheap though. I tried it once)

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              Fresh galangal, fresh lime leaves, and a somewhat decent selection of sambals are available the year round here in Manhattan. If you need a special fresh SEA herb or a favorite brand of sambal you might go the net. I is possible you will have to go to several shops of a shopping day to get all you need.
              To Banok Center and Asia Market I would add the outside at Christie and Grand