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Apr 16, 2012 09:05 PM

Late Night Food and Drink on a Wednesday: Suggestions?

heya....i'm meeting someone in Midtown around 10:45 this Wednesday and we're going to get some food and drink friend is new to NYC and open to any cuisine...the places i was thinking of were:

-- Balthazar...i love the oysters and late-night menu but i'd prefer somewhere between Midtown and Union Sq...

-- Russian Vodka Room...nice grungey Midtown fun, but the food is so-so and might be a touch divey for the occasion, at least for the first stop of the night...

-- nothing else jumps out as a good option for post-11pm menu and fun vibe between 42nd and Union Sq on a Wednesday...

So...all suggestions appreciated... :)

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  1. Rye House at 17th/5th
    Hill Country BBQ has a late night menu, 26/6th
    Blue Ribbon (Sullivan St)
    Sake Bar Hagi (49th/7th)

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    1. re: avial

      Thanks...Hagi is great idea as we could walk there...what is the food/vibe like at Rye House? -- that might be even better location-wise...

    2. Between 42nd-ish and Union Sq:
      'inoteca Gramercy
      The Breslin
      The John Dory
      El Quinto Pino
      Casa Mono
      Boqueria (19th)

      You might also want to see if the bar at Maialino will still be serving food, they're open until midnight.

      Below 14th:
      Blue Ribbon - til 4am
      Momofuku Ssam Bar - midnight
      Fatty Cue - midnight
      Tertulia - 11:30pm
      Joseph Leonard - 2am
      Fedora - 2am
      Spotted Pig - 2am
      The Dutch - midnight
      Motorino - midnight
      Minetta Tavern - 1am
      Lupa - midnight
      Dell'anima - 2am

      The newly opened Perla may also be open late on weekdays.

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      1. re: kathryn

        hmm, John Dory is a good idea too...i'll call them and see how late they are open on Wednesday...and Dell'anima could be fun too...thanks!...

      2. Casellula is another good option in Midtown, if you want to stay in that neighborhood. In the WV, Fedora (on Kathryn's list) has a great late night menu. It's a classy spot.

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        1. re: michelleats

          Simon you like Japanese food, what about Sakagura, it's open until 1 AM,
          a Meat market option might be The Standard Grill, then can go to Gaansvoort Rooftop after

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            Thanks...i considered Sakagura, though my last experience there was pretty mediocre (food and service), but i do still enjoy the location...

            As it turns out, this late-night meal is getting pushed back a couple days, so i'll have a bit longer to decide...cheers...

        2. Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya just opened in the former Shang space on Orchard, open until 2am.