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Apr 16, 2012 08:43 PM

Dinner near Disneyland Friday Night?

We will be across from Disneyland this weekend for a wedding and I need a nice restaurant for dinner for Friday night . Just a nice continental restaurant, no ethnic food. TIA

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  1. I usually see Napa Rose suggested. I would share my dining plans, but ours are all ethnic and not what you requested.

    1. Nice restaurants near Disneyland is a broad spectrum. Nice atmosphere? nice food? nice servers?

      Near Disneyland are some big chains that are nice, like Ruth's Chris, Morton's, McCormick & Schmick's, PF Changs. There are also Coco's and Denny's there. You can move away from chains and hit up Mari's pizza on Katella near West - but it's not that nice inside. It is, however, very nice Italian food/pizza. You may also try Mr. Stox which is just down Katella - it's kinda like old school upscale continental food. Not cheap, but a great fancy pants atmosphere with good food and drinks.

      1. You can try Catal at Downtown Disney.

        1. How about the Anaheim White House or Mr. Stox? Or head a little out of the way to Il Garage or Park Avenue.

          EDIT: Or the Ranch. Sorry, they capitalise it oddly: Or THE RANCH. It's two minutes east of Harbor on Ball and East. The food is excellent (and not ethnicky) and the wine list is practically unparalleled. The cocktails, well, they're okay too.

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            Il Garage?

            I've never heard of that joint. Can you explain further?

            1. re: kevin

              Al fresco Italian dining in a converted garage that's now Park Avenue's greenhouse where they get produce from. Open only for dinner, Tuesday through Sunday. Light dishes for the most part, some pastas, a few dishes of the day, good curated salumi selection. Excellent.

          2. Thank you to everyone who responded. Unfortunately we weren't able to go down early, we had an emergency with our cat. We just went Saturday for the wedding.