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Apr 16, 2012 08:40 PM

Using a 30% discount voucher for Sho Shaun

Hi. I have a reservation at Sho Shaun in a few weeks (and just got one for EMP due reasonable evening dinning hours - yay). Anyway, I have seen that Sho Shaun has a 30% discount available. Is this because there are issues with Sho - or just because it wants to attract more dinners? Also - has anyone used these vouchers there, and if so do the treat you any different / worse than normal dinners. Thks in advance.

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  1. I used one on a Saturday night within the last 5 months or so.

    The restaurant was at maybe 40% capacity and the bar completely empty.

    I did not feel like I was being treated any different / worse than normal diners.

    1. The food is wonderful,as is the space. I'm sure they aren't completely full solely because of the location. I have used the 30% coupon. Just tell them when you arrive and they will do the rest-they're really nice. Ask them to seat you in the kitchen room-very chic- and the tables are set well apart.

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        One of the big selling points of the 30% discount is that you do not have to tell the staff either when you arrive or when you order about any special deals. Since I made the reservation using the 3rd party the 30% discount just appears on the bill.

        1. re: Bosmer

          I don't know which discount you're using, but with Savored they request you tell the hostess on arrival,otherwise you could have a problem

          1. re: pammi

            I use Savored all the time at many different restaurants, and I never tell the hostess (it's indicated on their computer screen, so they should notice). Sometimes the server is unaware or forgets, and I have to tell them to redo the check, but I have never encountered any problem. As others have said, I've used Savored at SHO and was treated as well as when I did not. I also tip more when I have the discount, which makes it better for the staff.

            1. re: rrems

              Definitely! They always treat you beautifully there. That's why we go there and have celebrated so many wonderful events there. the food is a wow. right on about the tipping too.

            2. re: pammi

              Like rrems I use Savored and never have to say anything to hostess or waitstaff.

        2. Due to their location, I think they do more of lunchtime business. I had a prix fixe meal there, was treated well and the food is top notch. Enjoy.

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          1. re: Rmis32

            So after your feedback I tried to buy a Savored voucher today - but can't because the site only takes US credit cards. Now I def want to dine and Sho buttttt it kills me to think that I could have paid 30% less.

            1. re: PerfectPalate

              The certificate is only $10 -maybe you can use an Americans friends card?q

            2. re: Rmis32

              agreed, SHO is often full for lunch - but empty for dinner. ah, such is life in the Financial district.