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Apr 16, 2012 07:30 PM

Vegan in Paris-- Dare one even ask?

We have rented an apartment in Paris, partly to have the ability to prepare some of our own food. But my God, not to dine out in Paris because we are Vegans? Not bloody likely! Can any of you folks give us a hand with--if not Vegan restaurants, recommendations for places that serve some Vegan or Vegetarian dishes?

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    1. I'm a vegan in Paris who's definitely not starving to death and who eats out regularly without feeling deprived. The City of Light is home to a quite a few vegan/vegan-friendly restaurants--favorites among the tourist crowd seems to be Le Potager du Marais. Loving Hut, and L'As du Fallafel, in particular--but you can also find plenty to keep you sated at "regular" omnivorous restaurants. I recommend Italian places (they're everywhere) for cheeseless pizzas, salad, and wine; Indian restaurants (there are a dozens around the Gare du Nord, especially rue Cail) for cheap and filling thalis and masala dosas; and even standard brasseries for big salads and plates of perfectly cooked frites. Bon courage and have fun!

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          I went once to the Loving Hut... a lot of mock-meats and mock-cheeses... everything pretty bland. Not bad really, but nothing worth mentioning on Chowhound (in my opinion).

          If you're into mock-meats, there is a chinese place which is better than the Loving Hut (which has a lot of asian and indian inspired dishes). They recently moved, here is the website :
          They're not vegan though, just vegetarian.

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            I second Tien Hiang. Even this carnivore fundamentalist likes it.

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              Thanks, folks-- always good to add another possible place to the list, depending on where we are at any given time.

        2. Look at that recent article in the "Figaro" (in french) for vegetarian suggestions.

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