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Apr 16, 2012 07:19 PM

Council Bluffs Ia

How bad can the food possibly be. Well at the Quakersteakhouse very bad. the service i can not believe only about 1/3 full and possbly 7 waiters we set there for 15 minutes before anyone came by. The waitress was not for that station but waited on us anyway. Food finally appeared. A salad for my wife was not to hard to seek by. The burger on the other hand was cold. the side of mac and cheese must of came from Alaska. cold as ice I got a new one with she=redded cheese on top which could not have melted if it was by a flame thrower. All oin all do not waste your time going here. I did however recieve 20% off which did not make up for anything at this poorly run establishment.

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  1. When travel on business to Council Bluffs, I just stay in Omaha. Have never found decent food in CB.

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      I have received some of the worst service in restaurants over the years when they were not busy. One thing that frustrates me is when they have empty tables yet still make you wait because "they do not have enough wait staff". In some cases it is a ploy to get people to sit in the bar and buy drinks. At least let me sit at a table and get me started with some iced tea, a menu, and some bread if they have it.

      Bigray in Ok

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        I agree - Council Bluffs is a wasteland. In Omaha there's some pretty good food to be had. If you like Indian food, my favorite is Jaipur - they have two locations in Omaha and, believe it or not also brew their own beer. Definitely worth a visit.