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Apr 16, 2012 07:04 PM

Terrific Cassoulet and Tapas Monday at Rendezvous in Central Square

Wow, those of you who have known about Tapas Monday at this place- are a lucky bunch. What a treat. Generous small plates for VERY reasonable $. Cassoulet was best I've had in Boston .Just lovely; many complex flavor layers all melded together; plenty of meats.Paired beautifully with a Ribera del duero. Plate of huge grilled spring asparagus in vinaigrette; ample bowl of fried oysters; perfect Portuguese sardines in fennel dressing. Finally got to savor the Petit Lasagna with Ricotta, comte and salsa verde with toasted almonds. And the Pear crostata with caramel almond ice cream, with the Lemon Buttermilk Pudding and Huckleberry sauce- what beautiful ways to end another lovely Spring dinner at Rendezvous.

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  1. Still haven't managed a tapas Monday but came for a summer dinner earlier this month. We never manage to get beyond the Lemon Buttermilk Pudding for dessert, since it is so delicious. Another perennial favorite is the vegetable antipasto. Scott Holliday had created a fascinating cocktail called the "Armchair Sailor" - Madeira, celery bitters, Creme Yvette and cava. One was enough but it definitely had a "salt air" feel.

    1. Their website doesn't say how much tapas are on Monday nights, can you give some insight on prices? Also, can you have the tapas at a table on Mondays or is it just at the bar? Thanks.

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        I think that the prices are $5 to $10 range with most in the middle. The two of us usually order five and between them and the plate of fresh Iggy's sourdough we are happy.I think our bill is usually around $60 w/a couple drinks. Tapas are just at the bar, but are all night. You can also order off the regular menu.

        My favorites off online menu:
        Spicy fried chick peas with kale + preserved lemon
        Three vegetable bruschettas
        Fried Oysters with pickles + spicy mayo
        Salty head-on shrimp with chili oil + lime