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Apr 16, 2012 06:27 PM

ground beef flavorless

I purchase the best ground beef that my grocery store sells and I buy 15-20% fat for the flavor.
I don't buy the kind that comes in the plastic "tubes". I've notice for the past many years that there is absolutely no grease to skim off and the meat has little flavor.
Have any of you experienced this?
I'm going to try having the butcher grind up stew meat/chuck chunks.

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  1. Yes, the tube stuff is awful. DH came home with that recently and I thought "oh sh*t!"-- should have just skipped it all together.
    It's cheap crap with little flavor.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. We usually eat grass fed beef but occasionally need to buy ground beef at the store. While I am generally a fan of Aldi, we recently had hamburgers made with their 85/15 and I thought there was a lack of flavor. I never buy ground beef in chubs (the 'tubes'). Those are produced by huge ground beef processors and I believe it is more likely that the industrial ground beef has a better chance of being contaminate rather than beef ground by your local butcher.

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        1. re: John E.

          I think you've both missed the point of my topic, it's NOT about the cheap ground beef sold in plastic tubes...

          1. re: sylvan

            I was agreeing with you. I also was agreeing that some ground beef, i.e. the ground beef at Aldi, had little flavor so we were in agreement on both parts.

            1. re: John E.

              ah, that's cool, John E.
              I bought some grass fed ground beef today ($7 a pound) and am looking forward to its taste.

        2. Hello...
          the topic wasn't the tubes of ground beef, I merely stated I never buy it.
          the topic IS the lack of flavor in ground beef bought in grocery stores that they themselves grind up. I buy their best quality and 15-20% fat, there is not even orange fat to skim off. There used to be orange fat to skim off. Now, it's flavorless and lean. I have found for the last several years that it is flavorless and wondered if others have noticed the same thing.
          the topic is NOT the ground beef sold in plastic tubes, ie, chubs

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          1. re: sylvan

            Sylvan, not trying to drive you crazy, but thanks for this thread, because I had never even heard of, let alone seen a Tube or Chub. Do people really buy their chopped meat that way? Yuck!

            As for your actual comment. I too always buy 85-15 or 80-20 (will get 75-25 if they have it) and always get the store packaged product and don't have the butcher department grind it on the spot. I haven't found any difference over the years other than it seems harder to find the higher fat content packages. My one question for you is obvious. Are you seasoning it pre-cooked or not? I made a burger tonight actually and just added a dash of salt, pepper, garlic, Worchesterchire and some chopped onions and had the most flavorful burger with tons of oils coming from the burger. So can't say I'm in agreement

            1. re: jhopp217

              Jhopp217, I was informed by a Connecticut lunchroom worker that many schools receive their meats in chubs. As disgusting as it sounds, chubs really provide an efficient way for meat processors to package meats. Chubs are nothing more than a plastic bag in the shape of a tube, that is filled with ground meat and cinched at one or both ends. The only meat I have purchased this way thus far is ground turkey (frozen).

              1. re: Cheese Boy

                When I brought up chubs of ground beef and saying I do not buy them it was not really about the packaging. I do know that most large hamburger processing plants where the beef and beef parts come from several different sources and are ground together, are most often put into chubs. The ground beef ground by the local butcher is not usually packaged into chubs and that is the ground beef that I would prefer to purchase and consume.

              2. re: jhopp217

                Hi, jhopp217
                I bought some grass fed ground beef today and hope it will have some taste.
                In regard to seasonings....the meat used to/should have a meaty taste which I've found absent the last several years, ergo this thread
                And, yes, people buy that tubed ground beef because it's cheaper. I tried it in my youth (a long time ago) and couldn't eat it...these people are serving it up to their kids.

                1. re: sylvan

                  One thing I've noticed (and I forget if you mentioned this or someone else on this thread) that I've noticed is people fall in love with the grill. To me, grilling a steak is a wonderful thing, but burgers tend to lose a lot of their juices in the cooking process, so letting them fry or broil is a better method for burgers. The burgers tend to cook in their own juices and that provides the flavor. Honestly, I can't imagine cooking a burger without a liberal sprinkling of salt, but even without, the meat should have flavor if pan fried or broiled.

                  1. re: jhopp217

                    I think they like the grilled flavor

            2. It has no flavor because the scraps of meat blasted off the bones with a high pressure air hose has no flavor. The fat they add is from areas off the animal that itself has little flavor because the fat isn't the marbled king found in the meat rather it's from the outer layer between the meat and the hide. Get a butcher to grind up some shoulder WHILE YOU WATCH.

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              1. re: Puffin3

                But I thought the closer the bone, the sweeter the meat! Those scraps should be veritable flavor nuggets.

                1. re: Puffin3

                  Puffin...I will have the butcher grind up shoulder for me. I bought corn fed beef today to see what it tastes like....but it's expensive and I have to drive 45 one way to buy it...

                  1. re: Puffin3

                    you say they use the fat between the hide and wonder it has no taste anymore.