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Apr 16, 2012 05:31 PM

Analysis Paralysis - Help me choose a restaurant: Nota Bene, Acadia, Campagnolo, Frank's Kitchen? Other?

I am looking for a restaurant to celebrate my husband's 36th birthday and his getting a new job after ridiculous rounds of interviews! Other places we enjoy include Harbord Room, Globe, Origin. Looking for somewhere with a bit of "hip" while favouring excellent drinks and inventive, good food. Nota Bene, Acadia, Camagnolo and Frank's Kitchen have all caught my interest but don't know which to choose! Help! Reservations preferred.

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  1. If you are a group of 8 or more you could make a reservation at Campagnolo and get the tasting menu. We really enjoyed the tasting menu here and had fantastic service. I haven't been to the other three restaurants you mentioned so I cannot comment on those, but I would also recommend Buca - great pizzas and apps.

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      Sadly no - just the two of us. But good to know for the future!

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        Campagnolo will only take reservations for 8 or more, but if you still decide to go you can ask and they may still do a tasting for you. Otherwise, I'd order a few things to share.

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          To clarify your post, did you mean they will only take a reservation for 8 or more for the tasting menu? I am going on Thursday night and I made a reservation (just a normal reservation) for a party of 2.

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            Campagnolo takes reservations for any number of diners, perhaps you mean tasting menu resos.

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              I just checked the website, which used to specify reservations were only accepted for parties of 8 or more, but that seems to have been removed. Good news!

      2. Of your list, I'd go with Acadia for sure.

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          Agree with Jo. I am a HUGE Acadia fan.

        2. You may want to consider Ursa. A friend of mine was there recently and said it was one of the better dining experiences he has had this year.

            1. From your list my picks would Acadia or Camagnolo. I think the room is nicer at Camagnolo but the food is better at Acadia however, both are worthy choices.