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Apr 16, 2012 04:41 PM

Four Idiots Going to Paris

So I'm generally a planner but I don't know what happened this time around. Maybe it's that I've been busy at work, maybe it's that the trip seems like a vague dream, maybe it's that there's simply too many options, or maybe it's the fact that since I am traveling with my parents I have regressed to a childlike state. Regardless of the reason, I am now in a position where I find myself going to Paris in 48 hours with absolutely no reservations. None.

Keeping in mind that I am not solely responsible for this predicament as I am traveling with three other fully functioning adults who have planned nothing, I feel that I should shoulder a majority of the blame as I've built up everyone's expectations that I am the one who "likes this stuff" (please see repeatedly refreshing the momofuku ko reservation website at 10am exactly 14 days prior to our dinner in NY.) With that sense of personal responsibility, I have consulted the ch boards, parisbymouth, and some others and have come up with the following 13 restaurants that I plan to give to the concierge (with un peu d'argent) and see what he/she can do:

Spring, Frenchie, Saturne, Breizh Cafe, Chez l'Ami Jean, La Fountaine de Mars, Le Bristol, Le Cinq, Le Chateaubriand, Septime, La Regalade, L'Astrance, & Guy Savoy

I'm really hoping we get lucky with two or three of them as we have have five days/nights to fill. However, if people can let me know what's either not on the list but should be I would be much obliged (taking bistro suggestions too). As you'll note, the items above are on the expensive side which is okay but certainly not a requirement. We are open to all cusines and though staying in the Marais, the location of the restaurant is not a big concern - provided they won't have a problem seating four idiots.

Merci de votre aide!

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  1. What you are doing might sound crazy, but might work. Astrance, Spring, Frenchie, Le Chateaubriand may be unlikely but who knows. Saturne should work as well as Le Cinq and are worthy choices.
    Auberge Bressand and Chez Denise might be added to bistrot class and are a surety a day or so in asdvance. Similar to Le Regalade and all delightful.
    Septime may be tough as recent great press, but Rino a blockaway from Septime, and l prefer a lot. Similar style but a lot more tight in space.

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    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

      Thanks so much for the advice! Glad to know that I'm on the right track! Il add your suggestions to the list and hopefully increase our chance for success. Thanks again!

    2. Maceo in the 1er should be able to "fit you in" and they're really reasonable, price-wise.

      Our Souphie might be able to help you with some of those "impossible" rezzies you'd like. Send him an email.

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      1. re: ChefJune

        Chef June: Who is Souphie: I'll be there in a few weeks and could use some help as well. How do we get in touch?

        1. re: sockster

          Baratin for lunch. My fiance and I walked in with no reservation in the summer and had one of our fave meals...ever! It is located in the Belleville area and well worth the trip.

          1. re: kingkolo

            CJ thanks for the restaurant suggestion and the reference. I may reach out to Souphie. KK I'll look into your suggestion as well - need to familiarize myself as to where Belleville is in relation to marais. I'm sure we'll be all over though. Thanks all - I'm starting to feel a bit better about this!

            1. re: dandem81

              Belleville is a good distance from Marais. It's the new hip neighborhood. I remember when I first started coming to Paris, being warned not to get near the place. Things have changed a lot in 20 years!

              The terrain may be even more hilly than Montmartre.