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Apr 16, 2012 04:32 PM

Breakfast and/or Lunch near NY Hall of Science Museum

Hey everyone!

I'll be at Hall of Science for about half a day early May and wanted to know where would be a good place for either breakfast or lunch (open to all types of cuisines!)


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  1. do a search for corona, for sit down, there's tortilla nixtamal not far, or Parkside Italian, or for quick bite, (only 2 tables in the place)--so, you could get to go--empanada spot which is delicious, you could also go to Mama's on 104th and get sandwich to go--

    1. I think we went to Empanada Cafe last time and were very happy with our food! The homemade hot sauce was delicious, and we got an assortment of empanadas. We just brought them over to the museum with us. It was only about three blocks away.

      1. tortilleria nixtamal, no contest