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Apr 16, 2012 04:24 PM

Bamix Blades

Hi everyone,

I've just bought a Bamix at an irresistable price as the blades and packanging were missing and
I would reallty appreciate any input as to which blades to buy.

Other than the standard 'C' blade - has anyone had experience with, and would you recommend, the following blades as described on the Bamix website) ?

A" Blade - Beats egg white, cream, soufflés and frappés. People who are conscious of their diet can even make a diet cream by whipping skimmed milk. Blends sauces (béchamel, hollandaise). Homogenises shakes and desserts, zabaglione or tiramisu. Emulsifies sauces. For everything that should be light and fluffy.

or the

B" Blade - Stirs and creams pancakes, omelettes and batter mixtures. Purees mashed potato in no time at all. Makes puddings creamy. Emulsifies salad dressings – and even cosmetic creams. You whisk your mayonnaise in seconds (and it is natural, without additives or preservatives!). You can mix your cocktail drinks better than a bartender. For all mixtures with a thick or cream consistency.

and the

"M" Blade - Chops and minces small quantities of raw and cooked meat, raw or cooked fish. Perfect for vegetables with coarse fibres.

The C Blade is a no-brainer as that was my primary reason for a stick blender - to puree soups, but if I'll get more use from it with the other blades I'll fork out the extra $$. ( I wonder if the B blade will make the potatoes gluggy, for example.)

Thanks for your help - all input will be greatly appreciated


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  1. We have the Daily which is an Italian clone of the Bamix. Some of the blades get used but the multi-purpose gets the heaviest use, mostly for making refried beans after the pintos have been pressure cooked. As for the others, aerating whipping cream, smoothing gravies, etc. The blade for chopping meat was used once for that stated purpose. Chopped some nuts with it as well. Mostly we use the multi-purpose and occasionally the whipping blade.

      1. I use the aerator/beater blade as much as the chopping/mincer. My family likes a fresh whipped cream with pies, or as a filling for scooped out cake doughnuts, so I make a fair amount of it. I've never actually used the others.