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Thank you, CH!

I'm sure this board will be useful to me and many others. I'd like to start off by giving a shout out to the Woodfire Grill in Atlanta; I meant to post about my experience there last month on another thread, but never got around to it. DH and I were going to be in town for spring break, and our daughter had had a recent (non-vegan) meal there while visiting a friend. I called ahead and asked if they could accommodate a vegan, and they said "sure," Did they, ever! 5 course vegan tasting menu with wine pairings. Everything was sublime, and my omnivore husband enjoyed his meaty main, as well. I can't recommend this place enough.

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  1. I second the "Thank you"! Very excited.

    1. Glad you're happy about the board, pikawicca. Remember, though, that posts about specific restaurants will still belong on the appropriate regional board (so a report on Woodfire Grill in Atlanta belongs on the Atlanta board).

      If there are questions about this, feel free to ask them in this Site Talk thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/844507

      Dave MP

      1. Out frigging standing Chowhound!

        Beach Chica who loves her vegetables

        1. I love the home cooking board but it is super exciting to have a vegetarian and vegan board, being vegan just got even more interesting I think.

          1. This is very welcome news. Thank you!

            1. This is great news. Many thanks. Although we are basically omnivores we Love our veggies too and have many meatless meals during the week.

              1. Thank you! Many of my friends are vegetarian & it's nice to know that I can come straight to this dedicated board for ideas!

                1. Another ditto on the thanks to CH for starting this board. I will be a frequent user!

                  1. This board is an awesome and most welcome addition! Best change I've seen to Chowhound in a long time!!

                    1. Very much appreciate the board - thanks, ChowHound!

                      1. Just want to add my appreciating for this new board, Chowhound Team - it's wonderful!

                        1. Agreed, I am so glad to see this new board added. Thanks CH!

                          1. Yes, love love love the new board!

                            1. +1--years ago the then-management of Chowhound believed a vegetarian board was too "niche". Whether it's been rethought or there are just more of us, I'm delighted.

                              1. Thank you indeed! I'm a fairly new vegan on the Engine 2 plan. Engine 2 is also low fat and so my interest is low fat/no fat cooking and also tips on how to order at restaurants.

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                                  You may also want to check out the Special Diets board at http://chowhound.chow.com/boards/90 for low/no fat diet tips.

                                2. Huzzah! I read CH religiously before and after going vegan. This is just the cherry on top!

                                  1. Husband and I went mainly vegan in January, so absolutely thrilled to see this board. Thank you!