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Apr 16, 2012 02:58 PM

Two New Boards: Vegetarian & Vegan and Special Diets

We've created two new topical boards on Chowhound: 'Vegetarian & Vegan' and 'Special Diets'. Vegetarian and Vegan is pretty self-explanatory. Special diets will cover gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free, allergy-specific, and strict low-carb diets like paleo.

Our goal is to create a place for people who are trying to blend their passion for great food with their eating restrictions to swap tips and help each other eat better. We've seen the demand for information on these topics grow over the years and we think it's the right time to give them their own space.

There will often be natural overlap between these boards and some of the topical boards, in particular, the Home Cooking (recipes and cookbooks), Chains (menu options at national chains), and General Chowhounding Topics (food products) boards. Because of the overlap, our general policy will be to leave things where we find them, rather than moving things to the new boards. Where we see threads that would fit particularly well on the new boards, though, we may ask the original poster if they'd like to have them moved over. We're not planning a mass move of older threads.

These aren't meant to be general weight-loss boards, nor to offer medical advice, but rather, to help people who are working within specific, known restrictions to find the products, menu items and recipes that fit their requirements.

Check out the Welcome threads for the new boards:

Vegetarian & Vegan

Special Diets

If you have questions about the new boards, please go ahead and ask them here.

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  1. I find this move discouraging. Finding recipes, tips, ideas will now mean three searches. I am fairly well-versed on some special diets, though I don't have to use them right now. I suspect that I won't make it over to this new forum to help with chemo and lowered immune-response queries.

    I rather thought we all played pretty nicely together on the homecooking board.

    To play the devil's advocate, what if we pick a Vegetarian book for COTM, do we move it to one of these forums?

    Just one [limited] viewpoint.

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    1. re: smtucker

      Finding recipes, tips, ideas will now mean three searches.
      not necessarily. when you select your parameters on the search page, just select "Topical" for Top Level Board Categories and "All" for Sub Level Board Categories. that will amass results from all of them in one search.

      as for your COTM question, it's actually a good point. but i imagine that if a situation like that was to arise, TPTB could just post a [locked] thread on the Veg board announcing that the COTM might be of interest, along with a link to the discussion in Home Cooking. that way, people could follow the link to join the discussion with everyone else on HC, and there would be no peripheral thread or tangential discussion on the Veg board that others might miss out on. just a thought.

      1. re: smtucker

        Hi smtucker,

        Thanks for your post. goodhealthgourmet is correct about the search feature - if you do a search of all the Topical boards, you'll still be able to find recipes, no matter which board they are on, with one search.

        goodhealthgourmet is also correct about linking a thread from one board to another. In fact, this is encouraged, especially at first as these boards get launched. If you want responses from two different boards, start the thread on the board you think is the best fit. Then, on the other board, start another thread, but instead of having a separate conversation there, link back to your first thread (just paste the address from the address bar into your post, it will become a link automatically) and ask people to post there.

        Anyone can post this 'pointer thread' - not just TPTB. In the case of the COTM, you could keep the main thread on the Home Cooking Board, and then post a pointer thread on the Vegetarian Board.

        Dave MP

        1. re: Dave MP

          i just meant that some "pointer" threads are probably best if locked and used merely as a directional tool so that the discussion doesn't get hijacked or splinter off too much.

      2. i actually navigated to Site Talk specifically to post a great big shout-out to you guys upon discovering our new boards, so....thank you, thank you, thank you!

        1. Thanks for ghetto-izing us vegetarians. I so very much appreciate it. (sarcasm, in case that wasn't obvious)

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          1. re: LNG212

            Our hope wasn't to ghetto-ize vegetarians, though that certainly was a concern we discussed beforehand, but to provide a supportive, central environment for discussions specific to people who eat limited diets.

            1. re: Jacquilynne

              I hope it is clear that vegetarian related cooking and travel discussions dont have to be transferred over to the new board since people who are not vegetarians are interested and participate in these threads. Its good if they are linked on the new board, however, and Im glad that CHOW was responsive in creating a space for folks with special diets to discuss their issues in depth.

            2. re: LNG212

              I thought that too, at first. But, there is one clear advantage to the Vegetarian board: when posts dissing a vegetarian's choice, even when it's wrapped with seemingly on-topic "helpful suggestions," it's very clear that post should be removed. When those helpful suggestions" are on a general board, the need for pruning is less obvious.

            3. The original comment has been removed
              1. Dave and I have added some threads to the Vegetarian / Vegan board to hold pointers to local discussions of interest to Vegetarians and Vegans.

                We've populated them with a few recent threads from each board, and we'll ask the mods to post pointers in those threads as well, when they move local discussions to local boards. If you know of a great report on a vegetarian restaurant in your area, or a great thread discussing the vegetarian options, please feel free to jump into those threads and post your own links (you don't need to follow the format we're using). We hope those threads will form an index to the Vegetarian threads on the local boards.

                Right now, we've created one thread per geographic group of boards. We thought a single thread for the whole site would be too crazy to be helpful to people, but a thread for each of the 70 or so regional boards would be overwhelming. As we see how much they're being used and what's getting pointed at, we may try to split out individual cities / boards or make other adjustments.

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                1. re: Jacquilynne

                  Not a bad idea. How about something similar for the Special Diets board? Here's a good start: