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Apr 16, 2012 02:18 PM

Dinner in the Gaslamp

I'll be staying in the Gaslamp this Saturday night and am looking for a good place for dinner. Only priority is great food. Any suggestions?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Jsix at the Hotel Solamar
      Grant Grill at the US Grant Hotel
      Top of the Market at the Fish Market Downtown

      1. Basically, stay away from 5th ave. While I haven't been/heard about all the restaurants there..every personal experience and first-hand account has been miserable.

          1. re: cstr

            Had a horrible meal at Donovan's Prime Seafood.....I did however write the management to express my concerns and they invited me back in for a 5 course dinner, cooked personally by the executive chef. This meal was unbelievably good...but probably not the norm of what you'd expect at DPS.

            1. re: yanks26dmb

              You wrote to Donovan's about a horrible meal and management comped you a 5 course dinner cooked personally by the executive chef....Wow, that is over and beyond the call and extremely generous.
              I would praise them endlessly.

              1. re: Beach Chick

                No, you are right. It was extremely generous of them, and far beyond anything I had expected. Great customer service. That said, I wouldn't want to recommend them to someone based on a meal that is highly unlikely to be recreated in typical circumstances.

                1. re: yanks26dmb

                  can you elaborate on your experience, Donovan's does not want any customer to have a bad meal, did you advise your waitperson or ask for the manager?

                  1. re: cstr

                    He wrote in his post that he contacted the management afterwards which is often the best way to follow up in such situation

          2. Make a short trip over to Northpark and visit Urban Solace. There are some foie activists that are planning to protest - a sign that they have great food :D

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            1. re: Rodzilla

              Interesting...any time I can cross the foie picket lines, I'm in.

              1. re: FattyWantsCheese

                love to hear that! I looked at your list of top dishes in LA, and I think the Urban Solace menu will really appeal to you. A lot of them are heavy hitters, so I hope you have a friend to split a few dishes.

                Don't forget to add a biscuit with orange honey butter.

                1. re: Rodzilla

                  I wish I had taken your recommendation. Ended up walking across the street to Nobu and was sorely disappointed.

                  1. re: FattyWantsCheese

                    mannnnnn, they had a foie special that evening as well! I've never been to Nobu - though it would be my first choice for a chain restaurant. :p