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Apr 16, 2012 01:27 PM

Applesauce in savory dishes (other than a side for pork chops...). Any suggestions?

My MIL has just given us a CASE of canned applesauce, and I have no idea what to do with it all. We don't eat pork chops very often, and I do not bake, so all those lovely breads are not going to happen.

The only idea I've come up with (but haven't tested yet) is to use it in a BBQ sauce.

Any other suggestions would be most welcome!

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  1. I suggest that you Google using 'savory recipes with applesauce' as keywords. I did just to reply to your post.

    1. I like to put apples or applesauce in curries sometimes (not traditional Indian or Thai ones so much, but more Westernized ones--simple and good comfort food). Applesauce would also be good in a pureed curried root vegetable soup. Curried apple and parsnip soup is GOOD!

      1. Make latkes (potato pancakes)

          1. We used to cook salmon fillets in a mixture of apple sauce, curry powder and onions. I've used it in meatloaf / turkey burgers too.

            If you cook it down a bit, to apple butter consistency, it makes for a good smear on most grilled proteins.