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Apr 16, 2012 01:15 PM

Shrimp Salad Recipe Wanted!!!!!

I'm having difficulty finding a really good cold shrimp salad recipe....anyone have any good suggestions???? Thank you....

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  1. I just mix cooked, drained cooled shrimp with creme fraiche, lots of chopped fresh dill, lemon juice and very finely minced celery if I want some crunch. S&P to taste. We spoon it into avocado halves and top it with herring roe. Some Swedish friends got me hooked on doing it this simply (and with the creme fraiche,) and I'll never go back. :)

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    1. re: weezieduzzit

      And you scoop out some avocado meat along with the salad when you eat? And I'm thinking a sizzling Sauvignon Blanc?

    2. Cooled steamed shrimp, lemon juice, a dollop each of Hellmann's and sour cream, minced celery and some Prudhomme's Redfish Magic. Let it chill before serving.

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        1. re: pinehurst

          Another way to add crunch isfinally chopped cauliflower.

        1. Here's one that I found that I have on my to-make list:

          1. If you have a good remoulade sauce recipe, all you need is boiled shrimp (boil your own, don't buy them already boiled), some celery,some capers if you have them, maybe a little red or green onion and enough of the remoulade to make it stick together. Garnish with a little italian parsley.