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Apr 16, 2012 01:13 PM

Tasty Garden Opens Up In San Gabriel

Tasty Garden has expanded its empire by opening a branch in San Gabriel, actually called Tasty Garden Kitchen for some reason. (It's not like they have another San Gabriel location.) It's located in the San Gabriel Superstore complex, right in the front corner. This is the space occupied so innocuously for so long by My Ngoc, the Vietnamese noodle restaurant, which despite having occupied that location for 13 years, the entire tenure since the superstore opened, only has 16 Yelp reviews. (Contrast this to Honey Boba in Arcadia, open 9 months with 265 Yelp reviews.) Usual Tasty Garden menu and it's packed already. Street address is 608 E. Valley Bl., #A.

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  1. Interesting. Then again the one in Arcadia is within walking distance for me and have never really thought much about their food.