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Apr 16, 2012 12:30 PM

Restaurant "news" in Hyannis

I drove down Main Street today and saw that 2 new restaurants are opening this spring side by side at the former site of Guertin Bros. Jewelers. One is Pizza Barbone. He's known by many who frequent the many fine farmers markets here on the Cape. He has a wood burning oven he tows behind his truck and does a tasty pizza for one. He's installing a wood fired oven in his new storefront, so that will be unique to Main Street.

Next door is Cafe Rendezvous in a significantly larger space next door. The sign says creperie and cafe, so that could be interesting.

I still haven't been to the recently opened Beech Tree Cantina in the West End of Main Street. They tout upscale authentic Mexican. Was going to stop in for lunch today but they were closed and now the web site is showing open for dinners only. Shame.

Lastly, the head chef of Pain D'Avignon's Cafe Boulangerie is leaving in May. He is partnering with the owner of 586 Main Street and Fresh Ketch, two dreadful places. He's certainly shown mad skills at Pain D'Avignon, so perhaps he can turn those other two places around to serving up decent fare as well. Time will tell.

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  1. Just curious CCG--anything new going on in Chatham? I lived there for 18 years and am getting homesick.....

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      Not CCG so I apologize in advance, but when was the last time you were there? Many of us on the board are in Chatham often as is CCG. I will let him reply of course.

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        Actually Phelena, if you have any news, please feel free to post it. Honestly, the bulk of my knowledge is mid and upper Cape focused. I only get to Chatham a few times per year, and sadly, rarely for dinner.

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          It's probably been about 8 years now, I imagine there have been quite a few changes...

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            I know of a couple. Hangar B at the airport was opened by Chef Erskine, formally the head chef of Chatham Bars Inn, and has arguably the best breakfast on the Cape and perhaps all of New England. His signature dish is a red Flannel Hash made with beets and finished with a creme fresche, and is to die for. Ricotta pancakes with fresh fruit and real maple syrup are sublime. He makes his own jams, doughnuts, biscuits and everything is of high quality and freshness. It's not cheap but generally well worth it. I say generally as I, and others, have had visits where he hasn't brought his "A" game, but all-in-all, it's highly recomended and well reviewed.

            The former site of Roo Bar was transformed into Del Mar, by the same owners of the Paddock and Aqua Grill. It's billed as an American Bistro, and although I have yet to try it personally, those who have speak highly.

            The Red Nun opened probably 6 or so years ago and is basically a pub serving up good sandwiches, fried seafood, and excellent burgers. It's been awhile since I've tried it, and recent review show spotty results.

            Perhaps Phelana will add to my meager experience in Chatham.

            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              When the poster asked what was new I wasn't sure when he was there last. I can concur that Hangar B and Del Mar are the only "new places" I am aware of...Celestino's as well. I have been to HB and DM and love them both and highly recommend a visit. I head back to HB Sunday. Not in Chatham and not new but I still must recommend Bucca's if the poster has not been.

      2. Adding to info about Pizza Barbone, the Times ran a short article about his Italian made wood burning pizza oven, all 6,000 pounds of it.

        He also has several cool photos showing it's delivery on his FB page:

        1. Meant to mention that I could not help but notice a bright orange SEIZED sign on Embargo on my drive down Main St. in Hyannis. Apparently, this was the second time he failed to pay his meals tax to the state. When he couldn't pay $60,000 in back taxes, the state padlocked the door and seized the property. Sad to see. I liked the place quite a bit, but clearly 1/2 price tapas every day before 6Pm and all day Tuesday was not a good business model.

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          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            Sorry to hear about Embargo. Hope it re-opens after they pay their taxes. Good place to have a few drinks, something to munch on and listen to some nice jazz music. I'll make a point to try Pizza Barbone when it opens. I assume he has a liquor license.

              1. re: kevinricci

                Happy to report that Embargo was back open for business this evening. No orange sign on the building and they looked quite busy.

                1. re: CapeCodGuy

                  thanks for updates!!
                  will have to look into these Hyannis upgrades.
                  do you think CapeCodGuy that Pain D'Avignon food might not be so good now?
                  Only ate their once but been wanting to go back.

                  1. re: chauncy19

                    Hard to say. We'll all have to wait until the new chef starts at the end of May to find out. Unfortunately, we've seen some long standing institutions go extremely downhill once their head chef moves on. Brewster Fish House is a good example.

            1. Update. The latest opening near Main St., at the old Harry's, and for a brief time, Dina's location, is Bistrot de Soleil. Seems to be a combination of French and Italian with some old school dishes mixed in. Seriously, beef wellington, and steak diane? We older folks could get into that! Prices seem reasonable. Pleanty of casual options like pizzas, sandwiches, salads, and burgers too. Room looks nice. Lots of new competition on Main St. this season.


              1. Update: Provo Brazil at the former Asa Bearse House is getting closer to opening. The outside bar was open and doing a brisk business last Monday but they weren't serving any food. They let us peek in at the new decor and I must say the renovation is stunning. Huge dollars have gone into a total rehab inside and out and one wonders how they will ever get a return on the investment. I spoke with the owner who sheepishly admitted that even though they are a week from opening, they still don't have a menu or website. He did say they would feature Brazilian Churrascaria - or Brazilian Rotisserie as well as Italian ala carte dishes. No relation to the Brazilian Grille down the street. Looks promising and certainly high end for main Street. I wish them well.