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Apr 16, 2012 12:27 PM

Cafe Boulud or DB Bistro Moderne?

Hi Everyone,

Will be doing to one of these places for Saturday brunch in a couple of weeks, do you guys prefer one over the other?


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  1. Cafe Boulud is incomparably better than DB Bistro Moderne. There is no comparing them. They aren't in the same league. (Of course, Cafe Boulud is also substantially more expensive.)

    I guess I should add that I've never had brunch at either of them.

    1. I've only done brunch at CB. First: what kind of brunch experience are you looking for?

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      1. re: LeahBaila

        nothing out of the ordinary, just want good food :) i am slightly obsessed with croque madame/monsieur and would probably want to order that.

        1. re: cali23

          I hear you! The atmosphere at CB, at least I found, was pretty stuffy/hoity-toity. It's the kind of place that I wouldn't want to speak too loudly, accidentally clink my fork or, god forbid, spill something. That being said, the interior decor isn't over the top or insanely fancy. I think it's just the surrounding neighborhood/hotel that amplified this feeling for me.
          The food was fine, but nothing life-changing.