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Apr 16, 2012 12:03 PM

Moving to Tucson soon

I will be looking for a place to live 4/27-30. I will be an official resident in June. I have not been to AZ in about 20 years. Tell me some cool sites, stores, festivals, restaurants, grocery , etc.

I'm excited for the move!!!

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    1. "Cool" is not a word that comes to mind describing Tucson, especially in June. Though seriously, there is a lot to like here. No doubt you will find that the place has changed tremendously in the past 20 years, as it has gotten much, much larger.

      Geographically, Tucson is very spread out, so it would help answer your questions is you could provide some guidance as to what part of town you will be looking for a home in.

      Good luck, and welcome in advance.

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      1. re: bitchincook

        I would add that Tucson still has a shortage of quality fresh fish, so depending on where you are relocatingfroom you may have to adjust your expectations.

        Lots of good stuff here and new places keep opening too.

        Tell us what sorts of places you like.

        1. re: DriverPhil

          For me fish and seafood are not my thing...however my fiance enjoys it. I like all kinds of stuff....craft cocktails, street food, food trucks, ethnic (mexican, el salvadorian, thai, viet., Indian), quirky places, a good steak, wood burning or coal oven a gourmet market, farmers markets....insane ice cream flavor combos.

          Are there any pop up restaurants? supper clubs? fusion (ie. Indian pizza)?
          Is the local craft food scene big? It's booming here with zymologist, juicers, artisinal sausage, etc.

          1. re: christyar

            We're good on food trucks, street corner Sonoran hot dogs, craft cocktails (try 47 Scott),lots of interesting diners, local ingredients, casual dress, your pizza is here, Lee Lee Market, and good other stuff too.

            Not so good for really fresh sushi,. seafood, or pretentious places.

            Here's a few ideas for you:

        2. re: bitchincook

          I will be working on w. congress near granada. I do not want too bad of a commute. Does anyone know of realtors that would show us some rental properties? I have been looking online on craigslist and a few other web pages.

          1. re: christyar

            I'm curious about what you found, housing and food-wise. What part of town will you be moving to?

            1. re: EWSflash

              I did find a house to rent in the Vail School District area. I hope it is a decent area and not too bad of a drive least I do not need to worry about winter driving anymore! I didn't get to explore too many fun places sadly, but I did make a good list of places to check out! I enjoyed the pizza at Grimaldi's and thought the Sonoran hot dogs were great! On the way to the airport we ate at Lerua's (did not care for). I also didn't care for my meal at Daisy Mae's, though the look was cool. Really looking forward to the Hub, Lee lees, 47 Scott, 17th street market, food trucks (esp. the popsicle place) and many others!

              1. re: christyar

                You didn't like Lerua's? I only ate there once but it was one of the most sensual Sonoran Mexican food experiences I've ever had. Maybe it wa that time of theyear when the produce was excellent, but it remains a pinnacle to me.

                1. re: christyar

                  BTW- from Vail to downtown Tucson is quite a commute for this old Tucson native, but then i'm spoiled, have lived within two miles of work for the last 26 years.

          2. The original comment has been removed