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Apr 16, 2012 11:35 AM

Torta de Chilaquiles

Thinking of Mexico City reminded me about one of the novelty/gimmicky experiences I had recently: tortas de chilaquiles. Yes, it exists. Chilaquiles sandwiched in a bun. Actually, it's a breaded chicken sandwich garnished with chilaquiles. (You can also choose shredded chicken, if I remember correctly). It was...okay. I mean I love breaded chicken sandwiches but the chilaquiles itself added very little. The tortillas in the chilaquiles were very was really just the sauce. Apparently the stand has been around a long time and you can follow them on facebook. Worth trying if wanting a laugh. (My Mexican wife was quite offended by the very idea!)

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  1. I've eaten more of those tortas de chilaquiles than I'd care to admit. And yeah, it really is the sauce. If the totopos were crispy and not mushy, oh what texture that would be... But nonetheless they are fricking popular, quite well-known to locals.

    The bolillos really have a nice flaky texture at the crust. That's a big part of the appeal for sure.

    1. I was thinking about those today!

      I've lived in DF all my life, and I only got to try those a couple of years ago when I did some work with a group based at Condesa. I couldn't believe I let two decades of my life pass before I tried them! They may not be good for your palate, but I think that the reason why your wife was offended is that that torta embodies the concept of 'comfort food' for us. And I'm being totally serious there.

      I asked this woman why she prepares tortas like that, or how she came up with the concept to begin with. She said that, when she decided to start selling food for a living, she realized that there were too many people selling tamales in the area, and she started thinking of other types of food she could sell for breakfast. She says she immediately thought of her favorite tortas from childhood: breaded chicken, and chilaquiles with lime juice. So, why not? She put them together.