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Apr 16, 2012 11:34 AM

soft shell crabs

hi, anybody know where to buy soft shell crabs to cook in the miami area

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  1. I'm looking for live ones myself. Whole Foods gets them sometimes but they are already cleaned and of course dead. Anyone know a fish market that gets them alive?

    1. I have only found them live in two places in past. Fish Peddler in Pompano or Delaware Chicken in Hollywood. It seems to be a little late in season for purchase here in South Florida. They seem to get deliveries of them more in May around here.

      1. Riggins in Lantana has live ones.

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          Thank you both. I was able to get them at Delaware Chicken. Excellent. Nice and plump. i called the Fish Peddler East to check and they did have them too.

        2. Yes, Delaware Chicken Farm. I bought the last two they had Friday afternoon, they were kind of expensive at 6.95 each. I was told they will get cheaper as water gets warmer and more crabs shed their shells. Will go down to 4.95 each shortly. They also had (cajun) crawfish. They come in live and they cook them there, not very spicy but there is easy remedy for that. Long drive from south beach but whenever I am near that area I stop. Great new bread baker from Montreal at farm stand next door.