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Apr 16, 2012 11:31 AM

Celery plus a lot of leaves!

I bought a HUGE bunch of celery with a bushel of leaves at the farmer's market yesterday. I've been eating masses of celery/fennel salad, but what can I do with the leaves? Coincidentally, Mark Bittman had a recipe for celery salt in yesterday's NYT, but what do you do with celery salt? Thanks.

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  1. Use the celery leaves as seasoning -- wash, chop, and add them to the salad, throw them in stocks, you can even sub it out for parsley.

    Celery salt (I used ground celery seed, as I can then control the salt...) is used to add a wonderful savoury facet to lots of dishes -- including a good bloody Mary?

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      You took the words out if my mouth down to the celery seed bit.

      Just live a good bloody Mary.

    2. The leaves are perfect for making stock, vegetable, beef or chicken. Chop them up and saute with the rest of the vegetables, then add the water (and chicken or beef bones if using).

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      1. re: Larikatz

        Yeah, I loves celery leaves for making homemade stocks and seasoning soups. I hate how supermarket celery has most of the leaves removed--they're the best part to me. I'd LOVE to have a bushel of celery leaves!

      2. I always look for celery with a bunch of leaves as I prefer the leaves to the actual stalk. You can use celery leaves in anything that you use celery for...I love them in potato or pasta salads; I use them in pilafs or other pasta dishes. They're great used in any dish that requires a mirepoix.

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          I'm with Cherylptw, but for a different reason. My bunnies LOVE celery leaves. They will only begrudgingly eat the stalks.

        2. I like to dress some leaves with a little oil and vinegar as a fresh salad to brighten up a dish. I also second Cherylptw's addition of the leaves to rice and pasta dishes.

          1. I have become addicted to celery leaves because of this Nancy Silverton recipe. This celery leaf pesto is amazing. Amazing.


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              thank you for this. I love celery leaves and this is very appealing to me.