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Apr 16, 2012 10:47 AM

Ireland - First visit must eats

Hey all,
Just a shout out to others in the know. Will be visiting Ireland for two weeks in mid July.
In and out of Dublin and then around the country with stops in Belfast, Galway and towns in the
Any must eats? All types of spots welcome.
Also, although this isn't the exact forum, are there any locals who know how to get tics for the hurling match in Dublin on Sunday July 8th.

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  1. There have been quite a few postings on Ireland in the past year. Try using the search box above for some good tips, including Dublin.

    1. Kai Cafe in Galway and Anair in Galway are two new places that are great.
      Out of the Blue, Doyles, Murphys Ice Cream and coffee, Global Village in Dingle - lots of rubbish in Dingle but also the best collection of good food in a small town in Ireland. Plus the scenery of the peninsula makes a great foodie holiday.
      Thats the Leinster Hurling Final on July 8th and should be a packed Croke Park, a great day out! is the usual way for the public sale of GAA tickets. Don't know if you can purchase outside Ireland, maybe your hotel would do it or try when you arrive - there are tickemaster outlets in the city centre.
      Have a Sunday Brunch before you walk up to Croke Park - the stadium is brilliant but no foodie paradise! Lennox Cafe, Odessa, Brown Thomas are good spots for brunch. You staying in city centre?

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        There is a new restaurant called The Greenhouse open in central Dublin
        ( Very high end..very special food. If you can get there you should. Ireland's next Michelin starred restaurant for sure.

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          Staying near Grand Canal area. We don't mind a good walk, so fire away.

        2. Thanks everyone.
          Will report back.

          1. I love Fontana Restaurant in Holywood, Co. Down. Interesting menu, beautiful room, good value for this sophisticated restaurant.

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              Where in the southwest? I recall a lovely crepe and tea restaurant on the south end of the Ring of Kerry called Strawberry Fields. Also, in Kenmare, there is a gastropub and B&B named O'Donnabhain's - we stayed there three nights, a great time was had by all.

              Most of the places in Killarney are a bit touristy for my tastes.

              If you venture to the Aran Islands, Joe Watty's on Inis Mor has great craic, great food, and great people. The mackerel salad was fantastic - smoked mackeral on a sweet salad, it was delicious.

            2. Returned from a great trip to Ireland.
              Have to say that our 3 best meals there were a few of the best I have had in the past 5 years.
              Pigs Ear in Dublin was great all around. Ambience was perfect. Sophisticated but not stuffy. Could have felt comfortable in jeans or a jacket. Food was solid, not particularly adventurous, but prepared perfectly.
              Aniar in Galway was also superb. Again, the ambience just right. One thing that we don't seem to be able to do well in the States is to combine sophisticated food with a relaxed environment. Done just right here. Locally sourced food products, many of which we never see here, prepared without fuss and without spoiling what nature has given the chef.
              Ginger Bistro in Belfast was also well worth the price of the ticket.
              All in all, way more than expected (chalk it up to my own naivete).