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Apr 16, 2012 10:40 AM

Highly rated Ethnic Asian dining establishments in NYC

Thank you in advance for your suggestions. I'm looking for the best Asian food restaurants, hole in the walls, etc. in NYC. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Much too broad a question... Chinese places alone can fill an entire board. Search for posts from posters AubWah and Lau for help, especially Chinatown, noodles, xlb.

    I cant see how just getting lists will prove helpful to you, esp since you are also doing this for SF and LV.

    Here's a few

    Thai - Zaab Elee
    Sri Lanka - Sigiri
    Sichuan - Grand Sichuan; Legend
    Xian Famous Foods
    All the places in the David Chang empire have Asian influences.
    Indian - Junoon
    Korea - Jungsik; search for "Korea Town"
    Japanese - 15 East for sushi

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    1. re: thegforceny

      Hi Bob:
      Thank you for the reply and suggestions. I am working on a show focusing on ethnic asian foods and I am unfamiliar with these cities.
      I'll check out your suggestions.

      1. re: renerhi

        Well, are you more interested in downscale regional Chinese cuisine places like Xian Famous Foods and the Fuzhounese pulled noodle places in Chinatown, or upscale places? What categories of Asian cuisines most interest you?

        Also, if you haven't already done so, make sure to ask your question in the Outer Boroughs board. You'll be deluged with dozens of interesting suggestions.

        1. re: renerhi

          hi rene...hope your research goes well...but when you do the show, i'm hoping you won't refer to them as "ethnic Asian restaurants" -- simply saying "Asian restaurants" would be better...imo (and the opinion of many others), using "ethnic" as a catchall for non-Western is a term that's hopefully being banished to the dustbin that contains words like "colored"...

          1. re: Simon

            Hi Simon,
            yes, thank you for all these wonderful recommendations. We will not be using "ethnic", it was more to describe dishes that are not very well know in the US, and I will completely remove it. I will keep you posted on the progress of the show...

          2. re: renerhi

            Very interesting - has the name of the show and when & where it may be broadcast been determined yet? Please do post info in it when you can, it would be useful to know.

            What is the scope of the intended show? What cuisines will you cover - i.e. by "Asian" you mean...?

          3. re: thegforceny

            gforceny: Good list. that should help the OP perfectly

            1. re: thegforceny

              Danji is the only Korean in the country with a Michelin star.
              It is also tiny. The waits can be long because prices are very reasonable while quality extremely high.
              Not many people know about it since they don't do much pr but it's the best Korean food in the country. Extremely authentic flavors.

              1. re: halo

                I won't pretend to have been to every Korean restaurant in the country (and neither should you), but I don't think Danji could possibly be anywhere near the best. It's good, though.

                1. re: small h

                  i've been to enough and i think it's the best. it's the only chef owned korean restaurant i know of in the country. it is the only restaurant that uses Korean made "jangs" which in Korean food is where all the flavor comes from. i bet you can't name a better place...

                  1. re: halo

                    BCD Tofu was my favorite, but I have simple tastes. And while I haven't been there myself, Jungsik (mentioned upthread) is probably better than Danji.

                    1. re: small h

                      jungsik? korean? i wouldn't categorize jungsik as a korean restaurant. 80% of their menu is western dishes. just because Daniel has pasta on their menu it's not italian.

                      and if you haven't been to jungsik why do you think it's better than danji? i've been to both as have many of my friends. not a single one thinks jungsik is even in the same league as danji when it comes to authentic korean flavors.

                      bcd used msg. a lot of msg. i got hives all 5 times i ate there.

                      1. re: halo

                        I don't think it's worthwhile to continue this conversation as you seem bound and determined to sing Danji's praises while denigrating other Korean restaurants (and the people who like them).

                2. re: halo

                  Where is it, and what dishes do you most highly recommend there?

              2. Here's some more.

                Hot Kitchen

                Szechuan Gourmet

                Lan Sheng

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                1. re: Bob Martinez

                  Damn. Hot Kitchen looks awesome. Thanks for the rec.

                2. Cantonese:

                  Ah-Ping Snack Bar:

                  Amazing 66:

                  East Corner Wonton:


                  Great New York Noodletown:

                  Mei Li Wah:

                  Noodle Village:

                  Oriental Garden:

                  Red Egg:

                  Henan Flavor:

                  Fujian operated Homemade, Hand-Pulled Noodle spots:


                  Double Dragon:


                  Famous Sichuan:

                  Old Sichuan:

                  Szechuan Gourmet:



                  Lan Sheng (Sichuanese).

                  Shanghainese in Chinatown:


                  Shanghai Deluxe Cafe:

                  Xian Famous Foods:

                  XLB – Soup Dumplings:


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                    1. re: scoopG

                      This is a bookmarked post. I've only eaten at about half those places, and you've set a lovely agenda. Thanks scoop!

                      1. Chinatown Brasserie - dim sum/peking duck Chinese
                        Tori Shin - chicken sashimi/pork belly Japanese
                        Kuma Inn - chicken wings Filipino
                        Szechuan Gourmet - three pepper chicken Chinese
                        Nirvana - rasmalai/chicken tikka masala Indian
                        Kati Roll - chicken tikka roll Indian
                        Laut - rendang beef Malaysian
                        15 East - soba special Japanese
                        Mad For Chicken - korean fried chicken Korean
                        Madangsui - special kalbi Korean
                        Red Farm - dim sum Chinese

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                        1. re: Pookipichu

                          Pookipichu: Tori Shin has Toriwasa? ( raw chicken) ,, i've only had that in Japan, with lots of wasabi in it, and the chicken was very freshly killed. Is that what you mean by chicken sashimi??

                          1. re: foodwhisperer

                            Yes, toriwasa, and it's excellent as well as their pork belly skewers.