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Apr 16, 2012 09:32 AM

Hollywood for a visit

Im in Hollywood with my daughter visiting old friends for a few days and sightseeing. Well be in various touristy areas during the day. We like most foods, esp sushi and Mexican, we'd like to try Cali-mex. suggestions for lunches and perhaps a nice place we could take my friends and his daughters for dinner would be great. We're thinking of hitting Joe's Falafel today, for example. Good choice?

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  1. The Original Farmers Market on 3rd and Fairfax is great for lunch. Open everyday and is like a taste of LA from tacos to gumbo to Brazilian BBQ. Everyone can try something different. Great for people watching too.

    Here is a recent link that may help you too. Welcome to LA.

    1. You probably would find the Hollywood Loteria Grill a fun experience (they also have locations at the permanent Farmer's Market on 3rd Street and out in the San Fernando Valley in Studio City). Get the "taco sampler platter" as an appetizer:

      Sushi is a controversial subject on this board but I like Kiriko in Little Osaka on Sawtelle Blvd. in West Los Angeles. There has been lots of chatter on the board about a new place (Right on the Santa Monica / West L.A. border) called Shunji (Pico Blvd. just west of Bundy on the S side of the street in a little round building that used to be the Chili Bowl).

      1. Eating at Joe's right now. really really good

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          I would have suggested Falafel Arax rather than Joe's, but I actually don't know much about Joe's. It appears to have opened in January, and has what appears to be a raft of shill five-star reviews on Yelp. Has anyone else on the board been to Joe's Falafel?

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            Joe's Falafel in Studio City on Ventura Blvd?

            It also looked to me as if they just opened and already have rave reviews plastered across a huge banner in front of the joint.

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              No, a Joes that opened in January on Cahuenga near Multiview, I think.

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                Correct. It's in Studio City on Cahuenga, about half a mile after Ventura turns into Cahuenga.

        2. You don't mention Thai, but Hollywood is near Thai town. I have always had a wonderful experience at Jitlada, and Peripatetic just mentioned Pa-Ord Noodles on Sunset in another thread. Enjoy your visit.

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          1. There are not any Mexican restaurants I really love in Hollywood (I've been to the Loteria satellite at the Farmers Market but not the Hollywood "proper" restaurant location). My favorite Hollywood spots are generally and almost exclusively in the Little Armenia/Thai Town section.
            For Armenian:
            Marouch-no competition
            Carousel-less expensive, less amazing
            Zankou-good fast food, must-try mutabal
            For Thai:
            Jitlada-for southern Thai
            Pailin or Spicy Thai-for Northern Thai
            Sapp-for standard noodle soups and rice dishes
            Pa Ord is great as well, though I feel the portions are sometimes lacking