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Apr 16, 2012 09:10 AM

Paleo friendly restaurants?

I'm sure they exist in LA but anyone have a favorite?

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  1. Uh.... I don't think they had restaurants back then....

    1. Have you checked out Planet Raw on Broadway in Santa Monica? It might just be a good place to pursue your inner cave man diet needs: Alley Oop!

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        Thanks! i get prety tired of having to ask...but i just gotta know? :)

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          A real cave man (or empowered cave woman) doesn't ask, but rather just brings the club down and takes names... ;-D>

      2. Looking for paleo food is basically the same as looking for low-carb food in restaurants -- you just order the meat and vegetables and don't eat the bread, rice and pasta. The best restaurants for this tend to be Middle Eastern, Brazilian BBQ, sashimi, etc. But like any specific diet, it's hard to follow in restaurants and much easier if you're cooking at home.
        Raw food places are typically vegan which doesn't really jibe with paleo that well.

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          I got brainwashed by a sub set of the Paleo diet folks who only "eat it raw"...

        2. I've been doing Paleo for the last few months about 70%-80% of the time. Basically it's very doable in many restaurants since a lot of people do low carb in So Cal anyway. A few of my fave Paleo friendly places (I'm in OC):

          - California Fish Grill: crab salad and ahi poke
          - Chipotle: salad with meat, fajita veggies, guac, and salsa
          - Korean BBQ: Cham Sut Gol, Incheonwon
          - Peruvian: Sub rice for salad
          - Shabu: California Shabu, Shabu Shabu Bar
          - Kean Coffee: Almond milk is an option
          - El Toro Bravo: carne asada and roast chicken
          - Thai Nakorn: thai bbq chicken, crying tiger, roasted fish, coconut chicken soup
          - Japanese BBQ: Tsruhashi
          - Vietnamese: 7 courses of beef, just lettuce wrap the meat - Anh Hong or Thien Anh
          - Lebanese: Kebabs, schwarma, and baarg plates, sub salad for rice

          Obviously home cooking is the only way to completely control, but I give myself a break for sauces with sugar or small amounts of the off limits stuff that may be in the food.....hey, I'm cutting out huge portions of carbs, dairy, and legumes!

          Paleo Nom Nom is a great blog for recipes and Daiya cheese found at Sprout Markets is pretty close to Paleo cheese (a bit of pea powder in it). You can also mimic fried rice using cauliflower through the food processor. Good luck!

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            I know this thread is ancient but it's an important subject so thought I'd chime in in case anyone else stumbles across it.

            I used to think this was tricky. But it's not that hard once you are used to it. The hardest thing to avoid is PUFA's in the vegetable oils, that is what makes eating out frequently a problem, especially if you like fries. But once in a while, hopefully it won't kill you (me).

            Also, there's even more options if you subscribe to The Perfect Health Diet (by the Jaminets). For one thing, you can have WHITE rice (and green beans and peas). For another, you can have butter or ghee. That means, for example:

            - Sushi (watch for soy sauce)
            - Many Indian curries and dishes made with ghee

            I would also like to add:

            - Any other BBQ, from American to Mongolian, especially w/o sugary sauce.

            - Any tacos or Mexican place, just skip or cut the tortillas or anything else you can't eat (cheese, etc.). I do this all the time at taco trucks, and it's only difficult at the truly fast food places like Taco Bell or Del Taco (where you wouldn't want the meat by itself). Sure, it costs more, but the meat is what costs money anyway.

            - Thai - any curry is usually paleo. Watch out for peanuts and certain legumes, but this is usually not a problem. (Red, panang, green, yellow.)

            - Hamburgers - most places do lettuce wrap now, or simply serve it without the bun. Skip whatever else you gotta skip ("cheese", mayo).

            Name a restaurant (besides very limited fast food that won't even lettuce wrap) and you can find a very paleo option, especially if you subscribe to the Perfect Health Diet.