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Apr 16, 2012 09:02 AM

Looking for Fuk-in Fried Rice or Hokkien Fried Rice in NYC

There's a dish that I used to eat all the time at this restaurant in Chicago that served a dish called "Fu-Kin Fried Rice." I just recently moved to New York and am having trouble locating a place that serves it outside of Flushing. I saw some threads already on Fujian/Hakka restaurants, but none seemed to mention anything of this delicious gravy fried rice.

Here is a link to the menu of the place I used to order from (hopefully the Chinese characters will help, as I know the dish has various names):

And here is a link to a recipe for the dish w/pictures to show what the dish looks like:

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. Many restaurants in manhattan Chinatown offer this

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      Thank you for the response, would you be able to maybe recommend some places that had the dish that you like?

    2. Try Chinatown: Canton Kitchen at 171 Hester Street or Noodle King at 19 Henry Street.

      Both feature this dish (福建炒飯 – Fújiàn chǎofàn) on their menus although there is no guarantee that this will be exactly what you are looking for. (Fu-kin here refers to Fujian province but the dish is not Fujian.)

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        awesome, thanks so much. I'll definitely look into this place.