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Apr 16, 2012 08:27 AM

Do your oven racks scrape enamel off the bottom of Le Creuset?

I try to be careful and not slide my Le Creuset across anything, but somehow my French Oven is showing tiny enamel scrapes on the bottoms.

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  1. It could also be from rough cast iron grates on the cook top. I'm the same way about my cookware. Even though I know it's not realistic I like to keep it looking new if possible. I wonder if it's possible to use a silicone silicone sheet they use for sheet pans between the oven rack and the cookware. I would be afraid it would melt the silicone though because of the way cast iron retains heat.

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      I have a glass top electric oven and I have been careful to keep the bottom edges of the dutch oven within the outer rough raised edge of each burner. I suppose it could have slided over one briefly though as those glass tops are slick. I still think it happened in the oven on the oven racks. They are heavy pots afterall, and sometimes difficult to lift straight up and set straight down again in a hot oven.

    2. Unfortunately, these things are probably bound to happen sooner or later. In my case, it has not happened and mine is not a Le Cresuet, but I also don't use the electric oven very often for my enameled cast iron Dutch Oven -- except for making no knead bread. I am actually pretty rough with my Dutch Oven because it get really hot for the no knead bread, and I have to work through every steps very quickly.