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Apr 16, 2012 08:20 AM

The Central Park Boathouse

Beautiful scenery - has lots of problems. Every bottle of wine we tried to order was out of stock or hadn't been chilled. The manager spotted us a couple of half glasses of wine while he was supposedly going to quick chill a bottle, never happened. Back to the wine list. Out of desperation we went with a bottle of house Sauvignon blanc.
Food came out after more than an hour. Was good - but the waiter got the order wrong and brought mashed potatoes instead of mushrooms.
We had a lakeside table. The families sitting on either side of us at different times stood right behind our table so that our view was blocked. Both parties could have easily stood behind their own tables! That's the whole point of the location. I was looking at behind's all night.

Aside from that rudeness, the service was indifferent and very slow. Won't be back to this formerly great place. Anyone else had this experience at The Boathouse?

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  1. Yes. The place is terrible which is really too bad since it is such a lovely setting.

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      Hopefully it's just in transition.

    2. Went for lunch mid week and had a decent experience. Loved the Crabcake, didnt love the shrimp and grits. They had the bottle of wine we asked for though I cant remember what it was.
      The scene is beautiful.

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        The explanation we got for the wine situation was that they ran out of everything during the lunch hour. Bad planning I guess.
        Glad you didn't have our experience!