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South Street Seaport

Hi guys,

We'll be ending our 9-11 memorial visit, then wanna head to South Street Seaport for food

First off, whats the best way to travel to South Street Seaport ?
Secondly, what's the best way to arrive there ?
I was told to ride the Downtown connection to arrive at the South Street Seaport from 9/11 Memorial site....is that true info?

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  1. It's called The South Street Seaport and it has few options; it's basically a mall/food court. Total tourist circus..

    See these threads, uncovered by searching for "South Street":


    This site is only for food, btw. Try hopstop.com for subway directions.

    "I was told Downtown connection to arrive SS from 9-11 memoria, is that correct?"

    I have no idea what that means.Try the 9-11 Memorial's website for entry instructions and actually, it appears to have subway information too:


    1. I typed in "downtown connection" into Google and found this as the very first result:

      I would advise you to find somewhere to eat near the Memorial and not go to South Street Seaport, which is a tourist trap, as thegforceny mentions.

      Near the 9-11 Memorial are Shake Shack, North End Grill, Blue Smoke, etc.

      1. I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say downtown connection -- do you mean how to get to the seaport *from* the 9/11 Memorial? If that's the case, just walk down Broadway and head east, Fulton St. will probably be easiest, and you can buy an I *love8 NY t-shirt while you're there. :) It's actually a relatively short distance.

        To get downtown from uptown, it's probably easiest to take take the 4 or 6 subway line to City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge to get to 9/11 first. Just walk (heading west) around the park to WTC, it's maybe a couple of blocks.

        If you're coming directly from the airport (via Brooklyn), the 1 will be easiest. I hope this doesn't confuse you.

        As for food, sorry! lol I know there are a few wharf restaurants that would be an obvious choice, but there's a cluster of nice looking restaurants w/ outdoor seating in the area as you're walking away from the wharf. I've never been to any of them but they always look lively, esp. around happy hour.

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          oh really...it's short distance to walk form 9/11 mem to South Street Seaport..oh wow...Thank you..... how long you think...maybe 15 min walk ???

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            Yeah, 10-15 minutes depending on how fast you walk. It's even doable in 5 minutes if you wanted.

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              Not that long, and there's a couple of landmarks (Century 21 discount shopping, the church, etc...). After viewing the Memorial just head south on Broadway and eventually turn left on Fulton or John Sts.

          2. Yes, you can easily walk it. The memorial is nice for a short visit. For a bit more of NYC color, grab some takeout from Toloache Taqueria and dine with the occupy wall st crowd at Liberty (aka Zuccotti ) Park.

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              Thanks i got some good info!! We wanted to try the Shake Shack too... Now I just need to figure out the best cost effective way to get back to Time Sq from South Street Seaport...its 17 of us..... Thanks so much!

              1. re: beccafries

                You can use mta.info, Google Maps, or Hopstop.com for subway directions.

                17 people is a big group. No matter where you end up, you might want to call ahead. Shake Shack Battery Park should work OK as long as you are patient enough and can push empty tables together.

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                  You can just take the subway to get back to Times Square. Take the 2 or 3 from Fulton Street and get off at Times Square.

              2. Yeah I walked it and it is a nice walk. I have eaten at a few restaurants there-nothing to write home about. Typical tourist dives. I can tell you that they have a Pizza place in the top level of the mall. They have huge slices and it was amazing. Enjoy your visit.

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                1. re: Ottojr

                  AMAZING? Really? Amazing pizza at South Street Seaport. First time anyone has said that. Or amazing because of quantity, as you commented on their size? Now I'm curious - do you recall the name of the place? What makes them so good?

                  1. re: thegforceny

                    Uno Chicago Grill? I know they are on the 2nd floor at South Seaport, on the left hand side.

                  2. Ana Maria's huh....we'll keep that in mind

                    1. Can't remember what the Pizza place is called. It is upstairs on the left facing the harbor. They were huge slices and they tasted very good. I love going to the Seaport area to chill and relax. Most tourists never get to the area.

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                        'Most tourists never get to the area."

                        That is EXCLUSIVELY who goes there.

                        The only reason locals would go there would be to take tourist guests. We certainly don't go there for dining.

                      2. Well for first timers..I don't think it will hurt to check it out...I'm sure around 9/11 memorial when we exit...it's alot of eating places around there as well...like Shake Shack etc... We'll probably have already eaten by the time we make it to South Street Seaport....
                        Once we exit the memorial...where about would we be located? which way to the eateries in that area?

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                          That assumption isn't entirely correct. That immediate area around the Memorial is lacking in destination-worthy options.

                          After leaving the Memorial head a few blocks north. You can get walking directions from 1 Albany (the entrance and also the exit I assume) to Shake Shack. Just use Google Maps.

                          1. The most scenic little street is Peck Slip and I like Acqua. The Bridge Cafe is very good too. There are lots of places around there.

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                              Agree - if they go past the seaport to Front St, there a few nice little local joints there. Barbarini Alimentari, Made Fresh Daily, Acqua, the two bars - Keg 220 and Bin 229 (or whatever the #rs are in their names) - and Bridge Cafe a little further down. It's a quaint little area, off the beaten path. Nothing earth-shattering, but some decent neighborhood joints.

                              Over on the other side, closer to the memorial, there isn't much. Smorgas Chef is good for a decent mid-range lunch/dinner, but everything else over there is a bit lame.

                              The seaport itself is god-awful, though.

                            2. OK, I was there today and the only exit from the 9/11 Memorial is on Albany and the West Side Highway, across from the Marriott (which has tons of signs stating there are no bathrooms -- there are also no bathrooms at the Memorial).

                              Right now you can NOT walk north along the West Side Highway to get to Shake Shack. You'll have to make three lefts to compensate. The 9/11 Memorial is actually surrounded by construction on 3 sides, this is why.

                              You'll need to make a left exiting the Memorial, onto Albany St, continue through Thames St (it's a tiny street without any vehicular traffic), then turn left again to go north on Trinity. Then walk a few blocks to go left again on Vesey St (this is the north edge of the WTC site).

                              Keep going until you go over the West Side Highway on the pedestrian bridge, then go 1/2 block past the highway, and turn right to go under the covered walkway, past the Conrad Hotel, and you'll find yourself at Shake Shack. Because of all the detours, it's about a 20-25 minute walk.

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                              1. re: kathryn

                                wow...that is a walk with all the construction...I don't know..we may have to skip Shake Shack...that all sounds confusing...

                                1. re: beccafries

                                  It's not that bad if one of you have a smartphone with GPS.

                                  The entire area around the 9/11 Memorial is full of construction--how were you planning on getting there? You'll probably have to take somewhat of a detour as well.

                                  There are also lots of signs directing you to the 9/11 memorial entrance.

                                  You will have to walk a little in order to get something decent to eat regardless.

                                  1. re: kathryn

                                    we're taking the water taxi from Time Square to get there.

                                    1. re: beccafries

                                      Getting to Shake Shack isn't going to be all that hard. Just go in the opposite direction of all the arrows directing you to the Memorial.

                                      Whatever you choose to do, I would have a plan in mind and not just wander around, and end up getting bad food at whatever place can accomodate 17 of you.

                                      1. re: kathryn

                                        ok...I'm sure we'll have no problem once we get there.