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Apr 16, 2012 07:46 AM

New Bluestar from Costco: broiler pan?

Hello 'hounds!

My neighbour and I just took delivery of our new 30" Bluestar RCS ranges, purchased from Costco. So excited are we! A few things we've noticed and wonder if anyone else has experienced this from these units:

There is a bit of cosmetic damage to hers - stainless steel is scratched in a few places, though there was no visible shipping damage. Mine has some chips to the cast iron grates. Though it won't affect the performance, it's a bit disappointing...

Also, the spec indicates there is a broiler pan set included, but neither one of our ranges shipped with it.

Lastly: I finished a couple of steaks in the oven last night and turned on the convection. WOW is that thing noisy. The oven racks and the cast iron grates on the cooktop all rattle and vibrate from the fan. Is this normal? I sure hope not. It's quite annoying - bad enough with the range hood on!

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Might be hard to get that specific information here but I definitely recommend contacting Costco with your concerns because they always have great customer service!

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      Thanks ylsf! They sure do have great customer service. Without prodding, they are giving me a $50 refund on my credit card, because the shipper refused to give us a 4 hour window as promised by the website.

      She also confirmed that the broilerpan set does not come with the BlueStar RCS model sold by Costco, however they do provide a 3 piece BlueStar cookware set.
      I spoke with Bluestar around the damage and they are shipping me a replacement cast iron part, and will assess the scratches upon receipt of photos. Totally forgot to ask about the convection fan noise but I'll mention it in my email to them.

      So far, the service is great. Very friendly folks at both companies. Still curious about experiences others may have with this range's convection.

      thanks! /sandee

    2. We have had ours for over 4 years and love it. Great, no frills box of fire. BS has great customer service. All one has to do is be civil and help is on the way. There are some folks who have had a different experience than I have had but I do think they have a great product and outstanding service. If you google bluestar service videos, you will see some helpful info. If you cannot find it, call or email and they can send you the link.

      A word of caution: Do not place an aluminum foil type liner on the bottom of the oven. It is likely to melt or fuse to the oven. I read that at gardenweb a few years ago. Apearently someone wanted to keep the floorpan clean and this is what they did with their old electric range. But the liner sat below the element and reflected the heat. In your range, the thin aluminum would be above the heat and consequently it could melt. We use a jelly roll pan on the lower shelf or set the vessel on the pan for items that could spill over.

      If you place something on the rack in the oven and push it up against the fan shroud, you could push the shroud into the blade and cause quite a bit of noise (first hand experience). It is easy to straighten.

      Enjoy your new range.

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      1. re: dcrb

        thanks for your informative response, dcrb. Great to know you've been happy with your purchase, as I'm sure we will be. I had not planned on putting a liner in the oven but that's a good tip and makes perfect sense.

        Regarding the convection fan, that also makes sense, though the pan which I had placed on the rack was right in the middle, not jammed against the back. In fact, when we performed the burnoff, the oven was empty except the racks, and we noticed the noise right away. Perhaps the 'shroud' as you call it may be bent or warped...but it sounds more like vibration noise than anything else. Thanks again.

        1. re: zukeeper

          zukeeper - Please DO NOT use a liner. I hope by your comment that you understood that is what I meant.


          1. re: dcrb

            Yes I understood. No liner will go near my oven. Had never planned to use one anyway. Thanks!