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Apr 16, 2012 07:25 AM

Tasting menu at Sustenio

Went back to Sustenio Saturday night with my wife and 21yo daughter. We had the tasting menu with wine pairings for my wife and I.
Had a great time, the service was outstanding and enjoyed talking with Chef Gilbert.
The food was fresh, tasty and beautiful to look at. The tasting menu was heavy on the seafood because they had a fresh delivery of Marlin, Swordfish and Snapper from Hawaii.
Pourings were well paired and generous.
Can't wait to go back!
Fine dining is alive and well in SA.

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  1. Thanks for the info, had heard via chef's twitter that tasting was available at the ceviche bar. Would you mind sharing cost details? Does the hotel still have that semi-deserted look or has biz started to pick up- don't know what their marketing plan was, but this seemed a very subdued rollout.

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    1. re: Sam Spade

      The tasting menu is $85, wine pairings $50.
      The hotel hasn't had it's grand opening yet. The lobby still seems deserted. The restaurant was full Saturday night, went back Thursday night for a business dinner in a private room, the restaurant wasn't nearly as busy, but still doing some business.
      They are having a cooking demo/class and a tasting dinner next month when a fairly well known Thai chef that's friends with the chef will be in town, they sold out the dinner part in a few hours (21 seats, the communal table), but I think there's still space left in the class.
      Really a first class operation, the sommelier is a hoot and chef Gilbert seems like a good guy.
      Service is very professional. Expensive, but well worth a visit.

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        First of all, let me say that I haven't lived in the US for 19 years and haven't spent much time there during the last 19 years, so I'm not familiar with prices. Is $85 USD for the tasting menu for one person or for a group? Could someone please explain, if it's for one person, what makes it special enough to justify that kind of price?

        I will be sure to avoid this place if I go to SA in August or October.

        1. re: RevImmigrant

          lol, it's for one person. Works out to just a bit over $10 a course. Fairly typical pricing for a high-end tasting menu. Ours had several types of fish fresh from Hawaii, that doesn't come cheap. Gotta pay to play.

          1. re: saeyedoc

            If you like this one, check out the tasting menu at the chef's table at Bliss. $75/pp without wine, but well worth it. You are seated in the kitchen and are able to watch the whole preparation process.

            1. re: SAhomecooking

              Will have to check it out, although working DT and on the southside, I usually don't wander far from home on the weekends.

              1. re: SAhomecooking

                So can you do tasting menu at Bliss without rounding up five(or is it seven?) fellow foodies to coordinate an evening? We have done several tasting bars/chefs tables where you're seated with strangers and found it a delightful experience. When we last went to Bliss a few months ago server informed us the chefs table had to be booked for a single party.

                1. re: Sam Spade

                  Yes, you need to occupy the chef's table to get the tasting menu, which means rounding up like-minded folks. Really, you could design your own tasting menu without the chef's table; the cuisine is quite special.

      2. I think when you have 6 or more people, it's often better to design your own tasting menu. When my wife and I are out alone, it's nice to be able to get tasting portions so we can try more items. Having to fill the table at Bliss defeats that purpose. maybe we just need to get some friends:(

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        1. re: saeyedoc

          Would be awesome to set up a chef's table experience for SA chowhound regulars....I saw that Austin hounds had set up a yahoo group . Might be intested if something similiar could get going in SA.

          1. re: Sam Spade

            Count my wife and I in if we can put something together.
            Anyone been to Nao yet? Had a great meal there two weekends ago, can't beat 3 courses for $24 through the end of August.

            1. re: saeyedoc

              We did Nao twice (review and photos here ) and definitely agree that the prix-fixe is a great deal. Chef Schiaffino's peruvian/amazonian dinner was a bit more ($56/8 courses) but absolutely outstanding! Their next guest chef from Brazil is in August (?date). Minor gripe is that the info on these (Fri/Sat only) events is almost just by word of mouth and the open table reservations are disabled.

              1. re: Sam Spade

                I was hoping to get a table for the dinner last weekend, they put me on a list for bar seats when I dined there the previous week, but when I called they could not squeeze me in :(. Now I know to check their website.