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Apr 16, 2012 06:50 AM

Where can one get brisket (raw) near Milford, CT

I want to make this mexican brisket recipe. Saw on a cooking show, and I'm dying to try it; doesn't it look delicious?

My local ShopRite doesn't seem to sell brisket. I'm sure I could special request it from the butcher, but does anyone know of any place between Bridgeport and New Haven that has it regularly in stock? Does Ferraro's sell brisket normally? Liscio's? Anyone know? Thanks

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  1. Many times you can get it at Whole Foods at the butcher counter.

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    1. re: mels

      Just saw some beautiful looking brisket there this morning, in fact.

    2. Ferraro's is the way to go. Just make sure you specify that it is a raw brisket otherwise you will get one that has been sitting in a brine.

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      1. re: Connecticut Digested

        Costco always has briskets at a very good price.

      2. Sam's Club also sells packer briskets if there is one in your corridor ...

        1. I can always get good brisket flats at BJs in Stratford. Whole Foods will have them too, but you'll have to pay prices usually reserved for "fancier" cuts of meat . . . . kind of defeats the purpose of making a brisket. If you head a little more south, Stew Leonard's is also a quality option.

          1. Amity Meat in Woodbridge probably will have it. Right off the Meritt.