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Apr 16, 2012 06:28 AM

Ypbor Yan (Emerald City)

Ybor Yan is a treasure if you are looking for delicious Sichuan food in the Ann Arbor/Ypsi area with the same owners as Trizest in Sterling Heights. And located in that wonderful part of Washtenaw Ave. with so many good ethnic eateries.

Ask for the Chinese menu, also they have specials listed on a card at the table.

We went last weekend for the 1st time & had the following:

Dumplings in spicy sauce
Sichuan noodles
Sichuan herb salad (from the specials menu)
Sichuan lamb
Spicy chicken

The food was really great, the portions generous and the service was friendly too.
There are many interesting dishes on the menu, we look forward to a return trip soon.
The prices seemed quite reasonable too.

Ypbor Yan (Emerald City)
4905 Washtenaw Ave (near Golfside)
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
(734) 434-7978

they have a menu posted on the web, it's a little different than whats in the restaurant but it will give you an idea about the offerings.

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  1. I was there Saturday night myself and enjoyed myself. As I sat down and started looking at the menu, the large amount of Chinese clients and the special menu board I had seen....I knew I had the wrong menu. Excuse me my dear waiter...can I have the OTHER menu? Oh sure.... :)

    I had the Yibin Flame Noodle to start with and this is one of those dishes that makes you drive out of your way for. It is simple cold Szechuan noodles with chili oil, herbs and what I believe was ground lamb (don't quote me on that). Even before I got my entree I was pondering a second helping of this.

    For the Entree I was aiming for heat so I got the Pork with Jalapeno's. Not great, but better than 95% of the Chinese I ever get. I am looking forward to more visit as I am moving to Canton this Summer.

    Oh and the Waiter was top notch on keeping my water glass full....and I was making him work for it as I have just came in from about 6 hours of climbing hills in a forest looking for morels (no luck yet).

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    1. re: JanPrimus

      For the record, I am taking credit for trying this place first lol, After posting in the other thread, I realized I hadn't been here in a few months so I corrected that last Friday. I am in complete agreement on the Flame Noodles ( I thought it was ground pork). I also enjoyed the Fish fragrant pork, but the Gong Bao Chicken did nothing for me. Just seemed like regular old Chinese American Kung Pao. That's pretty much the only misfire that I've had here though.

      1. re: moose734

        You can take the credit moose734! i've been seeing all the posts raving about how wonderful Trizest is for months, and right here is the same wonderful food in our own backyard without a 100+ mile drive! another thing is that the service was good, there was not the "you must not order that" attitude-- they seemed happy we wanted the real stuff!

        1. re: Michigan Mishuganer

          It might be worth your while yo check out some other spots around here that do Sichuan too. I've done my MaPo Tofu( that or water boiled pork/lamb seem to be my default Sichuan dishes) challenge with the various places.

      2. re: JanPrimus

        Not to rub it in, but I know of a morel spot not 2 miles from Ypbor Yan ;)

        I've eaten many times at Emerald City, and was surprised when they changed the name. They do this spicy "mongolian" chicken that's pretty good. Looking forward to trying the chili dumplings.

      3. I'm almost ashamed to admit we went again last night, we needed dinner & decided what the hell..I don't think i've ever eaten in the same place twice in a week!
        We had Yibin flame noodle, spicy dry tofu, & fish fragrant pork & boiled fish .We asked for the food to be made very spicy, it wasreally great, also asked about the last page on the menu which was in chinese only. they translated, it included some rabbit dishes. will ask about the board in Chinese only with specials next time!

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        1. re: Michigan Mishuganer

          After all these posts, I went to Ypbor Yan with high expectations and . . . I was disappointed.
          The Ypin Flame Noodles were certainly tasty, but oily!
          Dumpling in Spicy Soup--broth was super spicy & delicious, but dumplings were nothing special.
          Fish Fragrant Pork tasted good, but sauce was gloppy & greasy.
          (Our order for Spicy Dry Tofu apparently flummoxed the English-challenged waitress & never arrived.)

          I'm not eager to return.

          1. re: trapani

            that's too bad, maybe the owners were away? I've not had any problems with the food being poor or mixups with ordering, I've had the waiters check with the kitchen or bring more skilled english speakers out. My experience has been that the staff is happy to explain all dishes & that the food was quite exceptional and spicy for Michigan-of course there is no comparison to NYC (Flushing & Chinatown) & SF, LA (San Gabriel Valley) eateries!

            1. re: trapani

              After having eaten at Ypbor Yan/Emerald City at least once a week for most of last fall and winter, once they officially changed names I've noticed a startling lack of cleanliness and quality. The restaurant is in need of some updates and a deep cleaning. This is my opinion only and based on a number of visits to the restaurant for both dine-in and pick-up, as well as a couple of large catered lunches. I did enjoy their food at one time, but I won't be going back because it seems with the new management the quality has gone down, not improved as I hoped it would.

              1. re: charlesbois

                I got pick up from there a couple weeks ago, and it was good as ever to me. I hope this isn't the beginning of a trend, I like having more than one option for Sichuan around here ( I still like Hidden Dragon , but it's nice to have options.)

                1. re: moose734

                  to continue on spicy food but to to change countries:
                  we tried Hana (Korean) on Michigan Ave for 1st time this past weekend, food was fine & very friendly service, like Panda on Packard, it appeared to be family run.

                  back to Ypbor Yan, will get spicy dumplings this week to see if quality is same.

                  1. re: Michigan Mishuganer

                    Korean friend says that Hana feels the most like it's in Korea of any Korean place in Washtenaw County. Korean food + junking around Ypsi's east side—the perfect afternoon.

          2. new menu- it looks closer to Trizest now
            except for in the "meat that tastes like chicken category" rabbit is served at Ypbor Yan instead of frog at Trizest
            lots of veggie dishes now too & ingredients like ginko nuts, bitter melon, goji berries (not all in the same dish)
            Dandan noodles ,
            Zi Gong (Sichuan’s Salt Capital) Dishes