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Apr 16, 2012 06:19 AM

Solo dining Minneapolis

Looking for some help. I will be traveling solo to Minneapolis and would like a recommendation for dinner on a Friday evening. I'm looking for a place that has good food, and i won't feel uncomfortable eating alone, and something unique for Minneapolis.

Would it be worth taking to cab to the 5-8 club or Matts bar (as per the food network)?
How is market BBQ?

i'm staying in Downtown and really looking for somewhere that has good food and friendly atmosphere

Toronto Chowhounder

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  1. I'd sit at the bar at 112 Eatery or at Vincent (opposite ends of downtown). IMO, not worth taking the cab to either Matt's or 5 and 8.

    1. There is a bar at Saffron. It's across the street from 112. Stop for Happy Hour, have a lamb BLT and decide if you want to stay or wander across the street. If you like dry style ribs Market is OK. I wouldn't go out of my way for any BBQ in Minnesota.

      1. Another vote for Bar at 112 Eatery, Vincent (or Bar La Grassa).

        The oyster bar at Meritage in Saint Paul would also be worth a cab ride. It is spectacular, and well-suited for solo dining.

        If you want to experience the stuffed burger/fried foods thing, go to the Blue Door Pub in Saint Paul. Great tap beers, a long ist of stuffed burgers, and the best fried foods in town. The tater tots are beyond good. And it is a cool, popular neighborhood place.

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          Thanks for the recs. they all look good.

          How is the selection of oysters at Meritage? I have a preference for cold water east coast oysters and oysters from the pacific.

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            Meritage usually has about 12-16 different varieties at any given time, usually split between the coasts 50/50. It might behoove you to call before trekking over that way, but it's a great place.

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              I love Meritage, but cabs in the Twin Cities are pretty expensive between downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul (probably >$30 each way) such that I would not recommend it if you are in town for a night, staying in Minneapolis and using a cab - there are plenty of good places in Minneapolis.

              I second the 112 eatery and Bar La Grassa recs. I have eaten at the bar at both (the pasta bar overlooking the kitchen at Bar La Grassa) and have enjoyed them both a lot.

              The lounge at La Belle Vie (just south of downtown) would be another good option. I they also have a bar that is good for solo dining.

          2. I'll echo the recommendations for 112 and Saffron. Black Sheep Pizza is also good for solo dining, if you can snag a bar seat.

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              is their bar seating at 112 and saffron?

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                Yes, at both places, though I've only eaten at the Saffron bar. The bartenders there are usually very friendly and they make some great cocktails.

            2. I'll make the same suggestion that I made earlier today in another thread. If the day is nice, I'd head down to Lake Calhoun. You can either have fish on the lake at The Tin Fish or walk a few blocks to Lucia's and sit outside. No problem in either place for the solo diner. (Same with Barbette which is also in the neighborhood, but I think that Lucia's is much more of a Minneapolis icon.)

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                Thanks everyone for your suggestions, it is much appreciated.