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Apr 16, 2012 06:16 AM

Downtown Denver -- 60th birthday brews and great food

A couple friends of mine and I will be doing a few days of backpacking in Colorado in early May and out last night will be in Denver. Our friend is turning 60 our last day there and we'd like to treat him to some great brews and food in downtown Denver. We looking for casual, not touristy, and really good food and beer. All cuisines price points are fine. We're just looking for a cool place to talk smack about our backpacking trip and one of the guys turning 60. If there's a really great place outside of downtown, but not too far from downtown, we're ok with that too as we do have a car, but would prefer not to use it if you know what I mean.

Thanks in advance for the recommendations.

BL -- DC Hound

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  1. Sounds like Euclid Hall would be a perfect fit. Great beer list (heavy on belgians, but other styles as well) and perfect post-backpacking food - basically upscale comfort food like poutines, housemade sausages, schnitzels, etc. done really well. It's in LoDo (which is right downtown) and has a great casual atmosphere too.

    1. I'd suggest beers at the Great Divide tap room at 22nd and Arapahoe (you can catch a tour of the brewery in the late afternoon if you're into that sort of thing) followed by some grub at one of many good restaurants in the area. Biker Jim's serves gourment hotdogs, sausage, shakes and fries, Trillium is a more upscale Scandinavian-themed place and one of my favorites in Denver at the moment (they have some great happy hour deals), or if you just want beer, beer, and more beer you could hit Falling Rock, which has one of the best draft selections you'll find anywhere.

      This is just scratching the surface - downtown Denver is just about the perfect setting for the type of thing you're looking for.

      1. Try the new Denver Beer Company, just North of downtown (easily walkable). They don't serve food, but I hear the food trucks congregate outside. It was started by a Wynkoop brewer. And if you walk a little further north across I-25, you would most certainly like Ale House at Amados, a Breckenridge Brewery venture. It's quite popular with locals, so get there early for best rooftop patio spots. Enjoy! There are so many great breweries here!

        1. Thanks for the recommendations -- I'm liking Ale House at Amatos and possible Euclid Hall. We're coming to Denver next week -- any other recommendations?

          Thanks again.

          BL -- DC Hound

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            I'm with monopod--Euclid Hall would definitely fit the bill.

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              I haven't been to the Ale House in Denver, but I've been to the one in Grand Junction (same owners) and it was forgettable. Definitely not Chow-worthy food - it's your basic brewpub fare, burgers and burritos and pizzas made with Sysco-quality ingredients and indifferently prepared. Which is fine sometimes - the burger was tasty enough and it hit the spot while on a road trip with two guys that aren't particularly into food - but not a place I'd seek out if you're looking for better-than-average food and drink.

            2. Try Freshcraft bewteen 15th and 16th on Blake I think.